Huat-est Time Of The Year: Shopee’s CNY Sale 2024 Brings The Huat To Your Home

Shopee CNY Sale 2024

Soar into the Year of the Dragon with renewed vigour! While the general outlook for many of the animal zodiac signs continues to be an optimistic one, there are also those that will need to improve on their luck or carefully manoeuvre their journey to avoid stumbling into a block. That said, we should all enter the new year feeling prepared for what’s to come our way while also working on our agility to adapt to any changes as and when they occur. Which begs the question—how can you be prepared? Make a list of what you want to accomplish this year, followed by the things and tools that can help you achieve those goals. Once you have that list of items, perhaps consider heading over to Shopee to get them since we are currently having our Shopee CNY Sale 2024. Happening from now till 10 February 2024, with peak days Jan 15 – 18 CNY 4-Day Special, Jan 25 CNY Payday Day, and 2.2 CNY Super Huat Sale, be sure to take advantage of specially-curated collections and features that come with affordable price tags so you not only get what you need, but also enjoy great savings. Plus, there’s free shipping with no minimum spend during this sale*. 

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Start The Year Strong With This Unmissable Shopee Sale 

The Shopee CNY Sale 2024 is overflowing with promos, deals, bargains, rewards, and more. Let’s take a look at what makes this Shopee sale so mouth-watering. 

1.   12PM Super Seringgit Huat Deals

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What can you buy with RM1 these days? Probably a piece roti canai or a glass of plain water at most. Now, what if you can buy things like clothing, fashion items, and so much more at only RM1? That’s what the 12PM Super Seringgit Huat Deals are all about! On each peak day beginning at noon, there will be a selection of items being offered at that unbelievably low price. It sounds too good to be true, but it really isif you’re quick enough to grab them!

2.   Win RM8,000 Angpow Daily

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Who doesn’t love a red packet? Angpows are the best thing to happen during Chinese New Year… unless you’re the one giving them out. The anticipation of opening, peeking, and silently counting how many notes of blue, or red, or even green-blue, never fails to excite both young and old. 

On the virtual side of things, you’ll get a chance to win RM8,000 angpow (cash prize) daily during this Shopee sale! All you need to do is play Kotak Duit Misteri via Shopee Live in which you have to answer a question (if you are lucky enough to be selected) and select a fortune cookie that may just contain the grand cash prize!

3.   RM8 Fatt Choi Deals 

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Gong hei gong hei! Prosper this Chinese New Year by grabbing highly discounted items priced at RM8 only on peak days 15-18 and 25 January and 2 February! Find fashion accessories to complement your OOTD; home and living items to spruce up the house, and groceries to feed your guests, all at really fatt choi deals. 

4.   12AM Midnight Heng Hours

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If the unavoidable merriment of firecrackers keeps you wide awake at night, don’t despair. Our 12AM Midnight Heng Hours will instantly make your frustrations go away! You can enjoy 80% Off Huat Huat Deals on top of 88% Off Huat Huat Vouchers at midnight on peak days. Now that’s what we call double prosperity!

5.   Shopee Prizes

animated coins dropping shopee sale 

Put your knowledge and skills to the test and play some games during Shopee’s sale. Then again, it’s also a great way to beat and show off to the cousins whom you’ve always been compared to by the elders. Not only that, you stand to score some sweet, sweet Shopee Coins while you’re at it. There will be Daily CNY Quiz, Tap & Win 888 Coins, and the crowd favourite Shopee Shake to keep you occupied during your downtime and get rewarded at the same time!

6.   Daily Brand Discounts

animated discount wheel shopee sale   

This Shopee sale gets more exciting with more discounts from brands that are taking part in the CNY Sale to give you a huat-er celebration. From daily essentials and electronics to fashion and lifestyle, participating brands will be having irresistible offers throughout the month-long sale. They include Samsung, Honor, Cosrx, Skintific, H&M, Levi’s, Forest, Dibea, Ecovacs, Carlsberg, and many more. 

7.   2024 Zodiac Fortune

Have no time to visit the feng shui master? Then let us tell you your fortune! We’ve put together horoscope readings for all animal zodiac signs. Dive deeper into what 2024 has in store for your health, career, and love, as well as how you can improve your luck through your lucky colours, numbers and directions.

Click here for your horoscope readings as we enter the Year of the Dragon.

Enter The Year Of The Dragon By Getting All Your Essentials During The Shopee CNY Sale 2024 

CNY 2024
Credit: Shopee

The Shopee CNY Sale 2024 is taking place from now to 10 February 2024. Get all your CNY needs right here with affordability and convenience. 

A friendly reminder: Ensure you have drinks and mandarin oranges ready on standby so you can serve them to your guests, especially those who come unannounced! Stock up on the decadent bak kwa for an enjoyable snack with the family (but please drink a lot of water after that). You might also want to plan your OOTD earlier and not wait till the last minute if you want to stand out from the rest. 

Happy Chinese New Year! 

*Terms and conditions apply. 

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