8 CNY Hamper Deliveries In Malaysia To Send Lucky Goodies

Apart from chowing down mouthwatering food and catching up with friends and family, Chinese New Year is a time for generosity. Parents give red packets to their young children, while the tables are turned for working young adults to give red packets to their elders instead. Hamper-gifting is also common, particularly as a goodwill gesture between businesses and associates. Or as a token of appreciation to loved ones. If you’re looking for Chinese New Year hamper deliveries to celebrate good fortune with those you cherish, we’ve rounded up the following options.

Send A Chinese New Year Hamper With These Local Delivery Services 

1. Eu Yan Sang

chinese new year hamper
Credit: Eu Yan Sang Malaysia on Shopee

For years, renowned TCM company Eu Yan Sang has been the go-to destination for elaborate CNY gift sets and this year’s offerings are no exception. Each hamper is filled with a collection of nourishing goodies. They include chicken essence, herbal soup packs, bird’s nest drink, and more. If you’re feeling generous, you can opt for the options with wine, American ginseng tea, and abalone

Price: From RM85

Delivery Fees: Free delivery within West Malaysia and to selected cities in East Malaysia for orders above RM199

Delivery Coverage: Nationwide

Contact: 1300-888-213

Shopee | Website | Facebook | Instagram 

2. Hamper2U

Credit: HAMPER2U via Facebook

Hamper2U offers all kinds of Chinese New Year hampers for different budgets. Prices start at RM88 and each hamper comes with auspicious items that the lucky recipient will surely love. The pricier packages come complete with premium delicacies including wild ginseng, Japanese abalone, whiskey, and even a porcelain fortune cat!

Price: From RM88

Delivery Fees: Free delivery within West Malaysia for orders above RM100

Delivery Coverage: West Malaysia only

Contact: 011-3546 3114

Website | Facebook 

3. Hamper Malaysia

chinese new year hamper
Credit: Hamper Malaysia

Hamper Malaysia prides itself on curating care packages for festivities. For 2023, the platform has CNY gift sets that are personalised with quality staple products. Whether it’s addictive pineapple cookies or potent bottles of chicken essence with cordyceps and ginseng, there’s something for everyone in these prosperous gifts. 

Price: From RM98

Delivery Fees: Flat rate RM20 shipping fee for all hamper orders

Delivery Coverage: West Malaysia only

Contact: 016-611 950 | 016-318 8811


4. JinYeYe 金爺爺

Credit: JinYeYe

2022 will see the quintessential CNY hamper delivery platform, JinYeYe 金爺爺, offer a myriad of gift packs wrapped up in delightful gold and red boxes. Whether you pick the Golden Lunar New Year, the Blissful Gift Pack, or the Imperial Abalone Gift Set, your giftees will certainly feel the good wishes through the items (golden peach, braised abalone, red wine, and more) within!

Price: From RM118

Delivery Fees: Flat rate RM25 shipping fee for all hamper orders

Delivery Coverage: West Malaysia only

Contact: 1700-81-9189

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. YS Hamper

chinese new year hamper
Credit: YS Hamper

With over 800 distributors throughout Southeast Asia, you can count on YS Hamper for all your Chinese New Year hamper needs. The hampers are categorised into two kinds: Premium and Traditional. The former comes fitted with lavish products such as XO cognac, vodka, cordyceps wine, ginseng slices, and selected green tea. Although the latter steers towards a wallet-friendly approach, the products are equally exceptional. 

Price: From RM148

Delivery Fees: Free delivery to selected areas for orders over RM200

Delivery Coverage: Nationwide

Contact: 013-533 1034

Website | Facebook

6. Hamper World 

chinese new year hamper
Credit: HamperWorld

Hamper World is another reliable place to get CNY gift sets if you don’t know where to start. The hampers vary from affordable to abundant, with each consisting of curated goods to usher in the festivities. One specific pack that stands out is the Gift Of Good Health. It’s a gorgeous ceramic tea set that comes with high-grade tie guan yin tea, all packaged in a rustic wooden box that will sit pretty on any countertop. 

Price: From RM88

Delivery Fees: Free delivery within the Klang Valley for hampers above RM100

Delivery Coverage: West Malaysia only

Contact: 03-7886 0780 | 012-215 1995

Website | Facebook 

7. Lavender Flora

Credit: Lavender Flora

Those living in East Malaysia can get their Chinese New Year hampers from Lavender Flora. As Kuching’s leading floral and gift shop, the platform offers premium gift bags to draw in all the good vibes for the Year of the Tiger. The hampers are wrapped in colourful ribbons and supported with rattan baskets for a distinguished look. Within these hampers are Chinese New Year essentials such as sea cucumber, dried mushrooms, and snow fungus.

Price: From RM150

Delivery Fees: Prices calculated at checkout

Delivery Coverage: Nationwide

Contact: Via a contact form on the website

Website | Facebook

8. Purple Cane

chinese new year hamper
Credit: Purple Cane

Purple Cane has always been a popular place to shop for CNY gift sets, especially if you’re shopping for a tea connoisseur. The tea sets here come with fine teapots and cups that will bring a degree of finesse to daily tea drinking. The Golden Harmony set is worth mentioning because the pot and cups are designed to mimic mandarin oranges. How cute!

Price: From RM50

Delivery Fees: Free delivery within West Malaysia for orders above RM100; fees to East Malaysia are calculated at checkout

Delivery Coverage: Nationwide

Contact: 03-2145 1200

Shopee | Website| Facebook | Instagram 

A Chinese New Year Hamper Will Bring Prosperity And Luck To Your Recipients 

Credit: RODNAE Productions via Pexels

As we welcome the Year of the Tiger, we hope this list will be helpful in your hunt for Chinese New Year hampers. Whether it’s for a business partner or a family member, these curated care packages will certainly bring a smile to their faces. And with 2021 finally behind us, bringing joy to others is a positive way to start the new year on the right foot. 

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