11 Finger-Licking Good Bak Kwa Brands To Snack On This CNY 2024

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There are a couple of must-have snacks during Chinese New Year. Pineapple tarts, love letters, nian gao, prawn rolls, and glorious bak kwa. The decadently sweet pork jerky is great on its own or in sandwiches or fried rice. Although bak kwa in Malaysia is sold all year round, the demand for it skyrockets during CNY season. Before we list the brands that you can procure these charred meat treats from, you’ll first need to know how to store them. 

How Do You Store Bak Kwa? And How Long Can You Store It? 

Fresh bak kwa is perishable, which is why it’s usually recommended for consumption within three to seven days upon opening, depending on the brand’s instructions. To store bak kwa, simply put them in dry and airtight containers in the refrigerator. They should last for about a month in the fridge, and up to a year in the freezer

Where To Get The Best Bak Kwa In Malaysia

No shortage of brands to get your dried meat supplies for the new year festivity!

1.   Bee Cheng Hiang

bak kwa malaysia
Credit: @beechenghiangmy via Instagram

Singapore’s Bee Cheng Hiang has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The days of Bee Cheng Hiang peddling bak kwa from a market stall are long gone. Now, the company operates over 350 outlets in over 72 cities worldwide. The best-selling bak kwa in Malaysia prides itself in meticulous cooking methods, using only high-grade pork marinated in a blend of secret sauces, then grilled over fiery coal fire. Besides, there are no added preservatives, tenderisers, additives, and colourings—what you see is what you get. 

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2.   Oloiya

bak kwa malaysia
Credit: Oloiya 我来也 Official on Shopee Malaysia

With over four decades in the smoked meat industry, you might know Oloiya by its jacked-up chicken mascot donning boxing gloves and a red sash. Using only fresh ingredients, an age-old recipe, and impressive consistency, the Oloiya’s bak kwa certainly packs a punch. Aside from pork slices, the BBQ chicken options are just as delicious.

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3.   Wing Heong

Credit: @wingheongbbq_meat via Instagram

Since the 1970s, Wing Heong has been the go-to spot for some of the best bak kwa in Malaysia. Without the use of artificial preservatives and additives, its bak kwa is smoked over a hand-weaved bamboo mesh to create a unique taste. If you’re not keen on pork, Wing Heong also offers alternative BBQ goods using beef, chicken, and ostrich

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4.   Hock Moon Hiong

bak kwa malaysi
Credit: Hock Moon Hiong Official Store on Shopee Malaysia 

Another brand that’s no stranger to producing top-notch bak kwa is Klang-born Hock Moon Hiong. Its jerkies, sausages, and flosses have garnered rave reviews from customers far and wide, making these products a staple in many houses during CNY. Speaking of the festivities, check out the red wine or spicy bak kwa, which are limited offerings just for the Year of the Tiger. 


5.   Loong Kee

bak kwa malaysia
Credit: @loongkeedriedmeat via Instagram 

The demand for Loong Kee products skyrockets during CNY, and there are no exceptions this year. Meticulously made in small batches using lean cuts of pork or chicken, the brand’s bak kwa is easily among the best in Malaysia. Expect to sink your teeth into tender pieces of dried meat flavoured in the brand’s proprietary blend of herbs and spices. Have it on its own or stuff it between two slices of bread for the perfect mid-day snack.

6.   Ban Lee Heong

Ban Lee Heong bak kwa malaysia
Credit: Banleeheong on Shopee

Originating from Buntong, Ipoh, the time-honoured Ban Lee Heong uses an exclusive secret recipe passed down from generation to generation on top of adhering to pure hand-made methods using traditional charcoal fire. It ensures the perfect balance between sweet, salty, and smoky flavours, resulting in some of the moistest and most delicious bak kwa available in Malaysia! Plus, they contain no added preservatives.


7.   Bestore

Bestore bak kwa malaysia
Credit: Bestore Official on Shopee

Established in Wuhan in 2006, Bestore is a leading snack brand in China with a reputation as “the Kingdom of Snacks”. It produces over 90 product lines and its bak kwa is highly sought after by Malaysians. Try its high-protein dried meats which use fish sauce that contains the freshness of fish with a richer aftertaste than soy sauce. Besides its original flavour, you can also opt for the sesame or spicy flavours to spice things up!

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8.   Penang Bang Bang

Credit: Penang Bang Bang Dried Meat on Shopee Malaysia

From the sunny Penang island comes Bang Bang, a younger establishment compared to its decades-old peers on this list. Despite having been in the business for only five years, Bang Bang’s vacuumed-packed dried meats are sold by the thousands every year! Curious if the bak kwa lives up to the hype? Order the classic pork bak kwa or the coin-shaped ones to devour in a single bite. 


9.   HEJIA

Credit: Hejia 合家 via Facebook

HEJIA may be known for its baked goods, but it also offers some of the best bak kwa in Malaysia that’s worth trying in 2022! Channelling the same care and love the company has for its biscuits and tarts, HEJIA scrutinises every single step of the production process. The end product is a charcoal-grilled bak kwa that isn’t greasy at all but still packs lots of flavours. 

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10.   Yummy Zi Wei


yummy zi wei bak kwa
Credit: yummybakkwa肉干 on Shopee

Using only choice meat without the addition of preservatives and nasty additives, Yummy Zi Wei’s objective is to supply the best bak kwa possible to the masses, at prices that make buying seconds and thirds a breeze. The selection cuts to the chase; chicken or pork, spicy or not. Each slice is individually vacuumed-sealed for peak freshness and hygiene.

11.   Yuen Chen Siang

Credit: Gofoodie on Shopee

Yuen Chen Siang is a famous name in the world of high-quality charred meats, and reviews all point to the stringy texture that bursts with flavour in every bite. And if you’re looking for options apart from the ordinary, there are flavours like almond and black pepper for a taste of something different.

Indulge This CNY With The Best Bak Kwa In Malaysia 

Credit: @beechenghiangmy via Instagram

Chinese New Year is many things: fun times with loved ones, receiving (and giving) red packets, lip-smacking dishes, and munching on snacks. If you’re looking to add the best bak kwa in Malaysia to your shopping list, bookmark this list! From Bee Cheng Hiang to Oloiya bak kwa, you’ll find the perfect meat treat just in time for the festive season. Need recommendations on Chinese restaurants in the Klang Valley for reunion dinners? Check out our list of the best Chinese eateries to pig out in with the family! Or these options if your wallet is feeling the pinch. And if you’re planning to send a gift, this list of the best hamper vendors in Malaysia will come in really handy. 

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