The Best Jump Rope Workouts To Burn Calories And Lose Weight At Home

When people think of jumping rope, it isn’t surprising for montages of boxers training for a fight or cheery kids in the playground to come to mind. Going beyond these stereotypes are valid reasons why jump rope workouts are popular: They’re extremely fun and great for cardio. Moreover, you don’t need to leave your home (not like we’re going anywhere these days) and unlike other home gym equipment, jump ropes are widely available and affordable. 

The Types Of Jump Rope For Working Out

jump rope workout
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There are various types of jump ropes to choose from, each with specific benefits. As with any sports equipment, you need to know the differences between the available options. From there, you can then purchase the best skipping rope for your workouts. Generally, here are the four types of skipping ropes you can buy: 

  • Basic: Straightforward without the frills, basic skipping ropes are great for beginners from children to adults. They’re made from either cloth or a nylon-polyester blend, meaning they won’t hurt as much if you accidentally whip yourself. The handles are either wood or plastic, which can lack grip when your hands get sweaty (wear gloves if they do!).
  • Speed: Prime for a speedy jump rope workout, this option is made of thin coated metal or vinyl, which is much easier to whip around. Besides, bearings on the handles also allow you to turn up the intensity efficiently, achieving higher speeds without weighing you down. This is a viable option for beginners, provided that they already have some experience in jumping rope. 
  • Weighted: By adding weights on the ropes or the handles (sometimes both), you get to work on your arms and shoulders. Weighted ropes are preferred by more experienced skippers, but beginners can also try them out at a slower pace to avoid overstretching their muscles. 
  • Beaded: A beaded rope consists of multiple-segmented beads, usually plastic, threaded around a cord. It comes in different colours with long handles and an ideal weight suitable for beginners. As a whole, it’s similar to basic skipping ropes, except for its resistance to wear and tear. Hence, it’s been lauded as the best skipping rope for both beginners and skilled jumpers. 

Best Jump Rope Workouts For A Good Sweat At Home

Express Circuit

This short-and-sweet exercise only takes five minutes out of your day, so there are no excuses to skip (pun intended) it! You’ll get 20 seconds of jump rope in between breaks, with cardio exercises like jumping jacks and squats to keep things fresh. Due to a shorter working session, try squeezing in as many reps as possible for a more intense routine. After that, hydrate with water or your favourite energy drink.

Level: Beginner

Time: 5 minutes

Cardio-Stamina Circuit

New to skipping and want to increase your stamina? Then this jump rope workout routine is for you! There are three rounds in total, with six 20-second routines scattered over 10-second rest periods. Your focus will be entirely on skipping because there aren’t any other variations of cardio in the mix. The key here is to pace out your breathing so you’ll have enough fumes to finish all three rounds. If needed, you can keep tabs on your progress with a fitness tracker

Level: Beginner

Time: 10 minutes 

Cardio Circuit

Blending low-intensity jump rope workouts with functional movement exercises such as burpees, this routine is a whole lot of fun! The instructor space workouts in between sufficient rest periods, ending with a satisfying cool-down to stretch out your calves and thighs. One thing to note: You’ll be getting up and down frequently due to transitions between exercises. To prevent slipping or any unwanted injuries, use a workout mat to provide steady and stable ground. 

Level: Beginner

Time: 15 minutes 

HIIT Circuit 

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a form of cardio involving short bursts of vigorous exercises over fixed interludes. As noted in the name, it’s intense and you should expect to give your all during a HIIT workout. This jump rope routine is no different! Focusing on building muscle resistance and improving cardiovascular endurance, it combines different variations of rope skipping exercises with short rest periods to follow. Be prepared to sweat buckets in this workout, so make sure you bring along a sweat towel, and wear breezy sportswear and shoes!

Level: Intermediate

Time: 20 minutes

Half-Hour Circuit

Ready to go the distance? Then take up this 30 minute-long calorie burner to push yourself! Not only is this circuit much longer than the others, but it also throws in a couple of skipping rope variations to keep you (literally) on your toes. But don’t be intimidated because you’ll get just enough rest to slow your heart rate down before bringing it back up. An extended exercise period means more pressure on your knees and ankles. If you are nursing an injury or these areas are generally weaker, use support braces to prevent any further wear and tear to your muscles. 

Level: Intermediate

Time: 30 minutes

Boxing Circuit

Jumping rope is an important training drill for boxers because it increases stamina, helps with hand-eye coordination, and improves agility. For a taste of what international hitters like Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson go through in their grind to be the best, give your best shot at this intense jump rope workout! Fast-paced skipping aside, there’s also cross-jabbing exercises to strengthen your back and shoulder muscles. This section of the workout is even better if you have a punching bag.

Level: Advanced

Time: 25 minutes

Improve Stamina And Burn Calories With Jump Rope Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

jump rope workout
Credit: Anastase Maragos via Unsplash 

Lately, during the pandemic, most of us have had to revamp workout routines to a home environment. This conundrum has forced us to creatively turn our abodes into make-shift gyms. And one piece of exercise equipment you should get is a jump rope. The best skipping rope lets you build a more efficient cardiovascular system practically anytime and anywhere. Looking for more ways to stock up your home gym? Check out our recommendations for the best spin bikes and treadmills

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