Maskne Guide: 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Caused By Face Masks

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As the battle against Covid-19 is still not over, face masks are now a permanent part of our daily attire. And rightfully so since they help flatten the curve and prevent the virus from spreading even further. Unfortunately, there’s no denying the negative impact wearing masks can have on our skin, like the dreaded “maskne”, which has gotten everyone wondering how to get rid of pimples around the cheek, jaw, and chin. 

What Is Maskne?

The term refers to acne breakouts caused by the extensive use of face masks for long periods. Most maskne issues can be brought about by clogged pores. Other possible factors include trapped humidity from sweating or breathing and friction, which leads to chafing and irritation. 

Even though most of our face is covered, seeing an acne-riddled jawline still doesn’t do much for one’s self-confidence. Since you can’t and shouldn’t ditch your face masks, here’s a guide on how to get rid of mask-induced pimples. 

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Caused By Face Masks

Wash Your Face With A Gentle Cleanser 

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One of the most effective ways on how to get rid of mask-induced pimples is by cleaning off all the built-up dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and bacteria. Using a gentle facial cleanser twice a day before and after wearing your face mask will ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed. 

Opt for one that contains salicylic acid, like CeraVe’s Renewing SA Cleanser for night-time use. This clears out your pores from all the accumulated gunk and combats acne-causing bacteria. 

Go Makeup-Free To Let Your Skin Breathe

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Trust us, we understand how tempting it is to conceal your blemishes with makeup. But packing on layers of full-coverage foundations or concealers will only clog up your pores even further. Plus, when combined with the excess sweat and sebum, your skin will become more prone to flare-ups. 

Hence, try to go as makeup-free as possible to let your skin breathe. Otherwise, reach for mineral-based foundations if you don’t feel comfortable going completely bare-faced. They provide a more breathable alternative and are lighter than liquid formulas. 

Clean Your Fabric Mask Daily

Washing your fabric or reusable masks every day is crucial in knowing how to get rid of mask-induced pimples. You can choose to wash it by hand with a mild detergent and leave it to hang-dry. Otherwise, just plop it into the washing machine if you’re lazy. 

Either way, both methods will significantly help remove bacterial build-up and ensure that your complexion stays germ-free. For those using surgical masks, make sure to replace them after approximately six hours of use.

Use Fragrance-Free Laundry Detergent

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Whether synthetic or natural, fragrances are never a good thing for your skin. We all know to avoid them in skincare products, but heavily-scented laundry detergents can also cause our skin to act up. 

If you’re washing your fabric masks in the washing machine, make sure that your laundry detergent is fragrance-free. Also, avoid using dryer sheets and fabric softeners, because they can leave a layer of fragrance and wax on your mask. None of these are useful for learning how to get rid of mask-induced pimples

Apply Retinol

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Applying retinol is another great way if you’re wondering how to get rid of both mask-induced pimples and comedonal acne. After all, it accelerates skin cell turnover and prevents dead skin cell build-up. The result? Smoother skin with fewer breakouts and blackheads. 

Save your retinol products for your nighttime skincare routine—don’t use them during the day as they won’t be as effective. Also, if you’re using salicylic acid, remember to not mix them to avoid skin irritation and dryness. So to incorporate both, use acids in the day and retinol at night. If not, you could also use them on alternate nights. 

Try: The Ordinary Retinol 1% In Squalane Serum

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

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Remember people, just because you have oily skin does not mean your skin is hydrated. That is a myth. Skipping moisturiser can trick your sebaceous glands into overcompensating for the lack of moisture, resulting in even oilier skin. Furthermore, moisturisers are essential in knowing how to get rid of pimples caused by face masks as it decreases friction and prevents dryness. 

Not to mention, using salicylic acid and retinol in your skincare can be incredibly drying to the complexion. So you’re going to want to bring back the moisture into your skin with a good non-comedogenic or water-based moisturiser. These will prevent clogged pores and ensure your skin stays comfy under your mask on sweltering days. 

Try: Laneige Skin Cream Refiner

Choose A Face Mask With The Right Fit And Fabric

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To keep mask-induced skin issues at bay, you need to pay attention to the type of mask you’re wearing. The right fit should be snug without feeling too tight and have two layers of fabric. Try to stay clear from synthetic fabrics, like rayon and nylon, as they can aggravate the skin. 

Recent research shows that a combination of cotton and natural silk, or cotton and chiffon, are the ideal fabrics for masks. They are cited as the most effective in blocking out tiny aerosol particles with their double barrier. Can’t find a mask with these materials? Then opt for one that’s 100% cotton and tightly-woven. 

Improve Maskne With These Simple Tips For Clearer Skin 

how to get rid of pimples
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We hope this guide has taught you more about how to get rid of mask-induced pimples. If you’re noticing some lingering acne scars, then here are six products to help you fade them. Want to achieve the desired #glasskin? Then check out our other article on skincare and lifestyle tips to get the glowing skin of your dreams. The battle against Covid-19 is still ongoing, so please continue to actively wear a mask when you’re out in public. Stay safe! 

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