What’s 4DX, IMAX & ScreenX? We Differentiate The 19 Types Of Cinema Halls In Malaysia

Cinema halls in Malaysia

A trip to the cinemas is usually a pretty straightforward experience. You go to the counter/kiosk to choose your showtime and seats, pay for the tickets, and enter the halls when the movie is about to start. But sometimes you are presented with so many hall options in the first step, you get stumped. Cinema technology in Malaysia, or as a whole, has come a long way since the early days of simple, darkened halls with rows of seats. We have more choices than ever in how we experience a motion picture. Here is a guide on the types of cinema halls in Malaysia that you can find today.

Types Of Cinema Halls In Malaysia That Offer Different Movie-Watching Experiences

Why settle for the ordinary when you can experience movies in a whole new light?

1.   2D Halls

2D halls cinemas in malaysia
Credit: Mid Valley Megamall

This is the standard cinema hall in Malaysia that we watch our movies in most of the time.

Available at: All cinema chains

2.   Dolby Atmos Halls

TGV Infinity hall cinemas in Malaysia
Credit: TGV

Dolby Atmos is an audio technology known for its  immersive spatial sound experience. With it, sound can be precisely placed anywhere in the cinema, including overhead. In a Dolby Atmos hall, you can experience multi-dimensional sound with great clarity coming from every direction, thus immersing you more into the story.

Available at: Selected GSC cinemas (check locations here) and TGV Infinity hall (only at TGV Toppen Johor Bahru)

3.   IMAX

IMAX hall cinemas in Malaysia
Credit: TGV

You may know IMAX for the really large screen, but it is much more than that. Apart from a towering screen that shows up to 40% more visuals than a standard cinema hall screen, IMAX is also about giving moviegoers the ultimate theatrical audio experience that will blow their ears away. Certain big-budget movies are filmed in the IMAX format. So, if you see a “shot on IMAX” label on a particular movie, it is best experienced in an IMAX hall!

Available at: Selected TGV cinemas (check locations here) and GSC cinemas (only at GSC IOI City Mall 2 and GSC The Mall Mid Valley Southkey)

4.   IMAX With Laser

GSC IMAX with Laser
Credit: GSC via Facebook

Think of it like IMAX on steroids, with a 4K laser projection system that delivers increased resolution with sharper and brighter images plus deeper contrast. The upgraded experience also features IMAX’s 12-channel sound technology with new side and overheard channels that deliver even greater audio dynamic range and precision.

Available at: TGV Sunway Velocity, TGV Pavilion Bukit Jalil, GSC IOI City Mall 2, GSC The Mall Mid Valley Southkey

5.   GSC BIG

GSC BIG cinemas in Malaysia
Credit: @GSCinemas via X

GSC BIG is all about big screens (powered by 4K laser projector) and big sound (32-channel multi-speaker Dolby Atmos surround sound to deliver a big on the fun movie-watching experience. Not to be confused with IMAX though, the movie format shown in these halls is not of the shot-on-IMAX variant. 

Available at: GSC Starling Mall, GSC MyTOWN, GSC Tropicana Gardens, GSC Kuantan City, GSC Paradigm JB, GSC AEON Bandar Dato Onn, GSC Spring Bintulu

6.   MBO Big Screen

MBO Big Screen cinemas in Malaysia
Credit: MBO Cinemas via Facebook

Big Screen offers the largest screen experience of any MBO cinemas in Malaysia.

Available at: MBO Atria Shopping Gallery, MBO Quayside Mall, MBO Elements Mall (Malacca)

7.   ScreenX

ScreenX cinemas in Malaysia
Credit: GSC via Facebook

Want to expand your view while watching a movie, literally? ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection immersive cinematic platform that treats moviegoers to a 270-degree viewing experience. In addition to the main screen ahead of you, the visual is also projected on both sides of the wall. The setup fills your field of view with more details, providing you with an immersive experience like no other.

Available at: GSC 1 Utama

8.   4DX / MX4D

4DX cinemas in Malaysia
Credit: 4DX

4DX and MX4D offer a similar experience of giving you the closest feel of being in the shoes of the movie characters. The state-of-the-art film technology incorporates on-screen visuals with synchronised motion seats and environmental effects. The seats will move, wobble, and shake in tandem with the action on the screen. And depending on what’s happening in a particular movie scene, the cinema hall may even trigger mist, wind, fog, and snow!

Available at: 

4DX GSC 1 Utama, GSC LaLaport BBCC, GSC IOI City Mall (Putrajaya), GSC The Mall Mid Valley Southkey, GSC Paradigm Mall (Johor Bahru)

MX4D – GSC The Starling, GSC Tropicana Gardens Mall

9.   D-BOX

D-BOX cinemas in malaysia
Credit: GSC via Facebook

You can experience the adrenaline-pumping action of being in a car chase or the exhilarating sensation of being in a fighter jet with D-BOX. With seats that radiate motions perfectly synchronised with the on-screen action, D-BOX brings movies to life through over 65,000 haptic movements, vibrations, and textures. As the individual seat is also customizable, moviegoers can adjust the motion intensity to a level they are comfortable with.

Available at: Selected GSC cinemas (check locations here)

10.   SkyBox

SkyBox cinemas in Malaysia
Credit: GSC via Facebook

Want your own private space in the cinema hall? Try SkyBox! It offers an all-new way of experiencing movies in a cinema hall in Malaysia from an exclusive viewing deck located on the upper level of the cinema hall. Not only are there fully electric recliner seats, the elevated terrace also features its own dedicated surround sound system.

Available at: GSC The Mall Mid Valley Southkey

11.   Onyx Cinema LED Screen

Onyx Cinema LED Screen cinemas in malaysia
Credit: GSC via Facebook

Watching 4K content on the television is nothing new, but watching a movie in 4K in the cinema? Yes, that’s possible with the Onyx LED Screen. The Samsung-made screen uses LED technology to deliver 4K resolution and HDR images with remarkable details and deep blacks, offering moviegoers the experience of watching a giant 4K TV, but on a much bigger scale! There are Onyx screens in selected cinema halls in Malaysia—including the largest one in the world in TGV Central i-City.

Available at: GSC MidValley Megamall, GSC Tropicana Gardens Mall, TGV Central i-City, MBO Atria Shopping Gallery

12.   Flexound

Flexound cinemas in malaysia
Credit: Cinema Online via Facebook

Audiophiles may want to give the Flexound hall a try. The seats feature built-in speakers that bring the audio even closer to your ears. The results are enhanced movie sound effects as well as improved dialogue clarity.

Available at: TGV Toppen Johor Bahru  

13.   Aurum Theatre

Aurum Theatre cinemas in malaysia
Credit: GSC via Facebook

Want to experience luxury cinema at its finest in Malaysia? Aurum Theatre is the place to be. Operated by GSC, it is an ultra-luxurious boutique cinema that offers “opulent halls with luxury recliners, exquisite private cabins, bespoke service, and contemporary continental dining.” Featuring six meticulously-designed themed halls (including one fitted with Getha beds), an Instagram-worthy corridor filled with movie art and posters, and Jin Gastrobar (a premium wine-and-dine restaurant), Aurum Theatre delivers an unmatched luxury cinematic experience.

Available at: GSC The Gardens Mall, GSC The Mall Mid Valley Southkey


Credit: INDULGE – The Gourmet Cinema via Facebook

INDULGE is TGV Cinemas’ luxury cinema concept that features a private lounge and premium recliner seating. Dubbed the “Gourmet Cinema”, you can enjoy niceties that include motorised recliner seats, comforter blankets, gourmet food and beverages, and in-hall call button services.

Available at: TGV 1 Utama, TGV Sunway Velocity, TGV Pavilion Bukit Jalil, TGV Toppen Johor Bahru  

15.   GSC Play / TGV Junior / MBO KECIL / Dadi Lil STAR

GSC PlayPlus / TGV Family Friendly Hall / MBO KECIL / Dadi Cinema Lil STAR
Credit: GSC, TGV Cinemas, MBO Cinemas, Dadi Cinema via Facebook

For parents concerned about bringing their little ones to cinemas for fear of disrupting other moviegoers, Golden Screen Cinema PlayPlus, TGV Family Friendly halls, MBO KECIL, and Dadi Cinema Lil Star are specifically designed to extinguish that worry. The halls not only provide a worry-free space for parents and their children to enjoy a movie outing, but they also come with an indoor playground to keep restless kids happy and entertained.

Available at:

GSC PlayPlus – Selected GSC cinemas (check locations here)

TGV Junior – Selected TGV cinemas (check locations here)

MBO KECIL – MBO Atria Shopping Gallery, MBO Quayside Mall, MBO Quayside Mall

Dadi Lil STAR – Dadi Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Dadi DaMen Mall  

16.   TGV Beanie / Plushy / Prestige

TGV Beanie
Credit: TGV

TGV Cinemas has a slew of halls dedicated to offering a higher level of comfort compared to the standard halls. Beanie has bean bags for the ultimate lazy movie-watching experience, while Plushy has wide seats with spacious legroom. Meanwhile, you will find motorised recliners in the Prestige halls, which by the way, also offer access to the exclusive INDULGE lounge.

Available at:

Beanie – Check all locations here

Plushy – TGV Tasek Central

Prestige – TGV Toppen Johor Bahru

17.   GSC Sensory-Friendly Screening

GSC sensory-friendly screening cinemas in malaysia
Credit: The National Autism Society of Malaysia – NASOM via Facebook

GSC offer sensory-friendly screenings (limited to 2D, animated, or family-friendly movies only) for neurodivergent children where they can feel safe in an inclusive space. In these special screenings which are available every second Sunday of the month at selected GSC theatres, adjustments will be made in the viewing hall to offer more comfort for such individuals, including lowered volumes, dimmed auditorium lighting, and reduced number of audiences.

Available at: GSC 3 Damansara, GSC Kuantan City Mall, GSC AEON Mall Ipoh Falim, GSC The Mall Mid Valley Southkey

18.   Private Cinema / Private Hall

Private cinema hall
Credit: TGV

Ever wanted to have an entire cinema hall all for yourself and your friends/family? As the name suggests, you can book a cinema hall in Malaysia for private functions, birthday parties, corporate events, gaming parties, and more. Both GSC and TGV offer private cinema facilities.

Available at: GSC & TGV Cinemas

19.   Velvet

Velvet cinemas in malaysia
Credit: Velvet Cinemas via Facebook

No, this is not a specialised hall but rather the latest cinema experience conceptualised by GSC. One of the most aesthetically pleasing cinemas in Malaysia, Velvet is a boutique cinema that draws inspiration from the 1960s to offer a retro-themed cinematic experience. Spanning three halls with 163 seats in total, you will not only be able to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters but also indulge in arthouse films, cult classics, and foreign films that don’t usually get the mass-market treatment. Moviegoers can also enjoy a dining experience here complete with an in-house bar.

Available at: Retail Park 163, Mont Kiara

Do You Know That You Can Now Buy Movie Tickets On The Shopee App?

Buy movie tickets on Shopee Malaysia app
Credit: Shopee Malaysia

Yes, you read that right! Shopee Malaysia has added a feature to purchase GSC movie tickets directly in their app so you can get more done without leaving your favourite online shopping app. To access it, simply navigate to the “Prepaid, Bills & Tickets” circle on the Shopee app homepage and you can find the feature under the “Entertainment” category.

On top of convenience, Shopee Malaysia is also offering a RM5 discount for all movies, all halls, and all snacks every Monday! So…

Credit: GIPHY 

Which Cinema Hall In Malaysia Are You Going To For Your Next Movie Session?

a man watching a movie in a theatre hall
Credit: Marius GIRE via Unsplash

If you have been watching movies in the standard halls all this while, you’ve been missing out big time! Cinemas in Malaysia have much more to offer that will take your movie-watching experience to the next level. Whether you want to be drawn closer to the actions on screen or desire the highest level of comfort to give yourself (and your partner) the best viewing experience, you have choices—a whole lot of them!

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