Rice Is Life: You Need These Best Rice Cookers In Malaysia To Make It Right 

Men can’t live on bread only. But rice? Possibly. Well, very likely if you’re a true-blood Malaysian. From dawn to dusk, rice is consumed throughout the clock and cooked in almost every imaginable way possible. The possibilities are endless. The humble rice has become so ingrained (hah) in local dining culture (and everywhere else in Asia) that there’s no replacing rice despite the emergence of many healthier alternatives (re: quinoa). To guarantee a steady stream of fluffy and perfectly cooked grains, look to these best rice cookers in Malaysia because why should you leave it to chance when the machine can do the guesswork for you? 

Make Rice With These Best Cookers In Malaysia

Nice rice every single time. 

1. Philips X1 Heating Rice Cooker

best rice cookers in malaysia philips
Credit: Philips Official Estore on Shopee

The X1 is one of Philips’ best-selling rice cookers in Malaysia and it’s easy to see why. The touchscreen display lets you easily toggle between one of the eight cooking modes, whether boiling porridge or reheating soup. Beneath the hood is a multi-layered pot for effective heat retention and insulation, guaranteeing evenly cooked rice every single time. 

Capacity: 1.8 litre

Dimensions: 340mm x 298mm x 427mm

Weight: 4.33kg

Accessories: Plastic steam tray, spatula, measuring cup

2. Electrolux Explore 7


best rice cookers in malaysia electrolux
Credit: Electrolux Official Store on Shopee

With the Electrolux Explore 7, you get 10 cooking programs including white rice, jasmine rice, porridge, brown rice, chicken rice, cake, and more. There is also a reheat setting and a 24-hour keep-warm function. Its non-stick pot is fitted with an inner ceramic layer for optimum durability. The design works hand-in-hand with a dedicated pressure control valve to maintain optimal boiling conditions through the release of excess steam. With a steaming basket and soup ladle, you have all the tools to enjoy an easy day in the kitchen. 

Capacity: 1.8 litre

Dimensions: 254mm  x 287mm x 393mm 

Weight: 5kg

Accessories: Plastic steam tray, measuring cup, rice scoop, soup ladle 

3. Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker

xiaomi mijia rice cooker
Credit: AMAZME on Shopee

Xiaomi channels its technological prowess to the humble rice cooker and the end product is expectedly intuitive and feature-packed. Decked out in the company’s signature minimalist white and adequately sized to fit on even the tightest countertop corners, the Mijia is certainly one of the best-looking (lightest at just over 2kg)  rice cookers on the Malaysian market. Feature-wise, there are eight main function groups, each focusing on specific cooking needs. The Cooking Function, for example, is not only great for boiling rice but makes a mean steamed crab. Inside, there’s a 1.7mm non-stick inner pan to create the ideal rice-cooking process.

Capacity: 1.6 litre

Dimensions: 239mm x 210mm x 186mm

Weight: 2.12kg

Accessories: Measuring cup, rice scoop

4. Samu GiKen Digital Rice Cooker

samu giken best rice cookers in malaysia
Credit: Samu Giken Official Store on Shopee

The Samu GiKen rice cooker offers flexibility in the way that you can cook and steam your dishes at the same time, effectively cutting down on the time needed to prepare your meals. And thanks to the 3L-deep pot, you can even make soup with it! To start, simply choose one of the eight modes and you’re good to go. Cleaning is a breeze too; just remove the detachable inner lid, rinse, and snap it back on. 

Capacity: 1.2 litre

Dimensions: 360mm x 312mm x 255mm

Weight: 2.13kg

Accessories: Rice scoop, measuring cup, steamer 

5. Tefal Fuzzy Logic Jar Rice Cooker

tefal rice cooker
Credit: One Living Sdn Bhd on Shopee

Using its proprietary Fuzzy Logic tech, this Tefal rice cooker is designed for precision cooking. It automatically adjusts cooking time and temperature to produce the best results. Moreover, there are eight cooking programs that include the ability to choose from different varieties of rice and even slow-cook recipes. And with a generous 1.8-litre pot capacity, it’s one of the best rice cookers in Malaysia for big families or parties. 

Capacity: 1.8 litre

Dimensions: 28.5mm x 29.2mm x 23mm

Weight: 4kg

Accessories: Measuring cup, rice spatula, soup spoon, steam basket

6. Toshiba IH Rice Cooker


Credit: Smart Lifestyle Distributor on Shopee

Adopting a sleek all-black colourway instead of the usual white, this Toshiba rice cooker combines modern technology with the ancient practice of using activated charcoal—binchotan—to improve flavour while simultaneously fighting toxins. The nine cooking presets eliminate any guesswork required to make your preferred carbs whether it’s brown rice or gaba rice

Capacity: 1.8 litre

Dimensions: 242mm x 315mm x 220mm

Weight: 5.1kg

Accessories: Measuring cup, rice spoon, rice basket

7. Panasonic SR-E10A

best rice cookers in malaysia panasonic
Credit: Smart Lifestyle Distributor on Shopee

Single and on a tight budget? This one’s for you! Looking exactly like the quintessential rice cooker of old that our parents and grandparents used to have, this retro-looking appliance is as reliable as its predecessors, making it one of the best entry-level rice cookers in Malaysia. It has a high-quality anodised cooking pan for good heat distribution and an aluminium topper to trap hot steam. With its compact size, you can bring it along on short trips where rice is scarce or when you only trust yourself to make your own rice.

Capacity: 1 litre

Dimensions: 274mm x 238mm x 241mm

Weight: 1.6kg

Accessories: Measuring cup

8. Cornell CRC-JP185D

best rice cookers in malaysia cornell
Credit: Cornell Official Store on Shopee

The Cornell CRC-JP185D is one of the most versatile rice cookers on the market. It boasts 16 programmed cooking modes, including three that can be tweaked. You can monitor and adjust the cooking process using the dashboard that spreads across the cooker. Inside, a sturdy thermal multi-coated ceramic pot ensures heat is distributed evenly to every grain of rice. As a plus point, its curvature body will subtly blend into any kitchen decor. 

Capacity: 1.8 litre

Dimensions: 305mm x 410mm x 275mm

Weight: 5.2kg

Accessories: N/A

Load Up On Carbs With These Best Rice Cookers In Malaysia 

Credit: Pille R. Priske via Unsplash

If rice is a staple in your daily diet, then it makes sense to invest in a cooker that’ll last you for years to come. The models we’ve featured here are reliable, user-friendly, and most certainly guarantee servings of perfectly cooked rice every single time! For more recommendations on kitchen appliances, check out our list of the best cooker hoods, baking ovens, fridges, and pressure cookers

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Cover image courtesy of Faris Mohammed via Unsplash.

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