7 Best Ceramides Skincare Products To Try When Your Skin Screams “Moisturise Me”

ceramide skincare in malaysia

Ceramides are one of the powerhouse ingredients that can restore your skin’s natural glow and strength quicker than you can dial 999. If ceramide skincare products have been part of your beauty routine, you may want to sing praises to this holy-grail ingredient as it has the ability to tackle many skin conditions. Your skin will go from “help me, I’m thirsty” to feeling like a hydration station as it provides our skin with the moisture it craves. For ceramides newbies, it’s time to put skin concerns to rest as you’d be swoon over your skin’s biggest glow-up by the time you wake up.

Do Ceramides Work In Skincare?

Which ceramides are best for skin?
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Yes, ceramides skincare products work by strengthening your skin barrier. Ceramides lock moisture into your skin which prevents dull and dry skin. You may also benefit from ceramide products if you have mature skin as it minimises wrinkles and fine lines appearances.

Which Ceramides Are Best For The Skin And What Are The Three Essential Ceramides?

ceramides skincare products for skin
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Ceramides make up over 50% of skin’s composition and there are nine natural ceramides found in our skin. However, as we age, ceramides levels deplete, resulting in saggy, no-glow skin. The best ceramides are identical to the natural ones. That’s why major skincare brands often combine three essential ceramides; 1, 3, or  6-II in their products. A cult brand like CeraVe for example combines all three ingredients in their best-selling ceramide moisturiser to help replenish skin.

Which is Better: Ceramides Or Hyaluronic Acid?

Which is better ceramides or hyaluronic acid?
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In general, these two superhero-worthy ingredients do the same thing, which is hydrating the skin. You need to check your skin concerns if you need to choose one. But when combined, they deliver stellar results as ceramides provide hydration while hyaluronic acid traps moisture. 

Best Ceramides Skincare Products For Healthy Skin All Year Round

Topping your skin up with ceramides is important for restoring the skin’s natural protective barrier that shields against irritants and allergens. Thankfully, ceramides-spiked products are widely available at every price point, from drugstore to high-end brands. If you’re new to ceramides, scroll down for the highly praised ceramides skincare products for a plumper complexion.

Best Ceramide Cleanser: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

best ceramide cleanser in malaysia
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Skin type: Normal to dry

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser checked all the boxes if you’re looking for a ceramides skincare product that is non-comedogenic, non-irritating, and fragrance-free. Its gentle ceramides and hyaluronic acid formulation are definitely worth the try as it wipes away all that impurities without stripping your skin’s natural oil. This cult favourite ceramide cleanser leaves the skin hydrated, replenishes its barrier, and definitely a smart pick for those with sensitive skin.

Other ceramide cleansers to try: 

Best Ceramide Cream For Face (Night Routine): CeraVeSkin Renewing Night Cream

ceramide products night cream
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Skin type: Dry to very dry 

Our skin repairs itself at night. Hence it’s the prime time to tend to dry skin and help retain its moisture using ceramides skincare products. Incorporating CeraVeSkin Renewing Night Cream into your skincare arsenal is definitely worth trying. This night cream wraps your extra dry skin in a nourishing blanket of ceramides, peptides, and hyaluronic acid (HA). The hero ingredients work in harmony to supercharge your complexion with hydration that help restore your skin’s protective barrier overnight. 

Other ceramide night creams to try:

Best Ceramide Moisturiser: CeraVe Moisturising Cream

ceramide moisturiser dry skin
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Skin type: Dry, itchy, sensitive 

People swear by this ceramides skincare product and it’s a classic for a reason. CeraVe Moisturising Cream is one of the best face moisturisers and it has been the skin ally for many years. It is formulated with three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid that create a moisture-trapping barrier to lock in hydration. Though the texture is rich, this cream is fast-absorbing, leaving your skin feeling like silk. You might want to buy this in bulk too as it can be used on the face and body. 

Other ceramide moisturisers to try: 

Best Ceramide Serum: Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum

paula's choice malaysia ceramide serum malaysia
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Skin type: Normal, dry, mature 

Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Serum is a top performer if you’re looking for lightweight ceramide products that are jam-packed with omegas, antioxidants, and ceramides. This lotion-like serum won’t leave your skin looking as greasy as a Krispy Kreme doughnut as it absorbs quickly into your skin to prevent moisture loss and minimise the appearance of ageing. Not just that, this serum has passed hydration lab tests where testers reported youthful-looking skin and a healthier complexion. Give this a shot for visibly smooth and firm skin. 

Other ceramide serums to try: 

Best Ceramide Toner: Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

dr jart ceramide toner malaysia
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Skin type: Combination, dry, normal, oily, sensitive

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid is a lotion-like toner that is infused with five ceramides, panthenol, and sodium. This ceramide lotion seals moisture for all-day hydration if you look like you have had no more than three sips of water in several days. It boosts hydration so rest assured that it will become a welcome addition to your skincare regime. Other than that Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid also can be used as a lightweight moisturiser, then you can layer it with another thicker ceramides skincare product. 

Other ceramide toners to try:

Best Korean Ceramide Cream – COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream

best korean ceramide cream malaysia
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Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

A tube of COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream is more than worth it when it comes to one of the best Korean ceramide creams. This cushiony face cream is packed with three types of ceramides and Centella Asiatica that help wake up your tired skin and to soothe and reduce the lingering redness. It leaves your skin oh-so-smooth and soft. We stan ceramides now! 

Other Korean ceramide creams to try:

Best Moisturiser With Peptides And Ceramides: EltaMD PM Therapy Facial Moisturiser

EltaMD PM Therapy Facial Moisturiser
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Skin type: Normal to dry 

EltaMD PM Therapy Facial Moisturiser boosts skin repair overnight, thanks to its barrier strengthening ingredients. Peptides and ceramides enriched blend promote natural collagen production and improve skin elasticity to help reset your skin to its original glow. This superhero-worthy duo restores your gorgeous face by minimising the signs of aging and quenching your dry skin, leaving it hydrated and plump. So long wrinkles and parched skin. You won’t miss them. 

An alternative moisturiser with peptides and ceramides to try:

Combine Your Ceramides Skincare Products With Other Active Ingredients For Maximum Results 

While ceramide products on their own give you skin that all-year-round glow and plumpness, layering this dermatologist-beloved with other active ingredients promises enhanced benefits. Combining ceramides with Vitamin C, retinol, or salicylic acid (BHA) ensure maximum efficacy of both as they complement each other.

Ceramides And Vitamin C

ceramides and vitamin c together
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These ingredients team up to turn up the glow in your complexion. Ceramides maintain the skin barrier, retain moisture and hydration whereas vitamin C brightens the skin and fades dark spots. Also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you’re layering these actives in the daytime.

Ceramides And Retinol

ceramide skincare products with retinol
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Yes, you should use retinol and ceramides together! Retinol is a potent ingredient when it comes to targeting fine lines and wrinkles and encouraging quick skin cells regeneration. However, the side effects may not be the most pleasant as it leaves your skin dry and irritated if used in high concentrations.

This is where the fatty acids come into play. Ceramides help combat dryness as they replenish your skin by protecting your skin or anywhere else that’s crying out for moisture with much-needed relief so you can get that gorgeous glow!

Ceramides And Salicylic Acid (BHA)

ceramides and salicylic acid together
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Major skincare brands like Paula’s Choice and CeraVe often combine salicylic acid in their cult favourite ceramides skincare products like the Resist AntiAging AHA Exfoliant and Renewing SA Cleanser. Salicylic Acid is an exfoliant that removes dead skill cells and softens rough skin which makes ceramides to be easily absorbed by the skin. As Salicylic Acid can be drying, ceramides are ideal ingredients for preventing skin irritations and water-retention capacity. Now, your skin is nothing but dewy, dewy, dewy.

Ceramide Products Aren’t Just For Face, Your Body Needs Extra Love Too

body lotion with ceramides
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We are all too familiar with ceramide creams for the face that we often forget that our bodies need pampering too! Check out the best body lotions you’ll wish were already on your body. Just slather it on your body and let it delivers the next level of 24/7 hydration! Meanwhile, don’t forget to show some local love to these 9 Best Malaysian Skincare Brands for head to toe holy-grail qualities.

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