7 Practical & Stylish Laptop Backpacks That Aren’t Boring

With vaccination rates at an all-time high and the economy opening up, it’s back to the office for many of us! This means the return of dressing up for work, the daily commuting grind, and… hauling your heavy laptop around. A good laptop carrier makes your life so much easier, especially for those whose commute to work involves a lot of walking and standing inside trains. We have scoured the Internet and gathered some of the best backpacks for laptops available today. What better way to strut your way back into the office with confidence and style than with a brand new bag!

These Backpacks For Laptops Have All That You Need To Carry Your Belongings

Oxwhite Ultralight Slim Laptop Backpack

Oxwhite Ultralight Slim Laptop Backpack
Credit: OXWHITE Official Store on Shopee


We tend to think backpacks for laptops are big and bulky. Not this one. The Oxwhite Ultralight Slim Laptop Backpack—as its name suggests—does not have a lot of bulk and weight to it. Besides a padded laptop compartment, it also features multiple stash pockets on the interior and exterior (including a water-resistant water bottle pocket) to handily store all your smaller items. You will also find moulded shoulder straps for easy and comfortable carrying. 

Xiaomi Business Backpack 2

Xiaomi Classic Business Backpack for laptops
Credit: VISIONGADGETRY on Shopee


Prefer a minimalist-looking backpack for your laptop? Then you best take a look at the Xiaomi business backpack 2. Its classic black square design is par for the course with the business community. And yet, it has an 18L large capacity to fit plenty and then some.

You can store a laptop as large as 15.6-inch in the backpack, which also comes with a comfortable S-shape strap to reduce pressure on the shoulders. Complete with a breathable back, it is also suitable for use in the hot Malaysian weather.

Huawei Classic Backpack

Huawei Classic Backpack for laptops


What could be more sophisticated-looking than a leather bag? If being fashionable is high on your priority list, there are few backpacks for laptops that are better looking than the Huawei Classic Backpack.

The combination of microfiber leather and high-density nylon make this not only a chic-looking bag but also a highly durable one. Its style-leaning design doesn’t prevent it from being functional because it is spacious enough to fit a 15.6-inch laptop and various smaller accessories, including a dedicated tablet space.

Targus 15.6-Inch Intellect Backpack

Targus 15.6-Inch Intellect Backpack for laptops
Credit: Targus Official Store on Shopee


For those who value convenience above all else, the Targus Intellect Backpack is a wise choice. It has a side-loading design that will allow you to quickly pull your laptop out without the need to access the main compartment. If you run around a lot with your laptop in tow for work, this feature is a no brainer.

Aside from that, your laptop will be adequately protected by a double-layered sponge lining up the compartment. For added comfort, the Airmesh back promotes maximum airflow.

Arctic Hunter i-Crusaderz Backpack

Arctic Hunter i-Crusaderz Backpack for laptops
Credit: Arctic Hunter Official Shop on Shopee


There is a lot going for the i-Crusaderz Backpack from Arctic Hunter. Not only is it made with both water and heat-resistant materials, the backpack also offers shockproof protection to safeguard your fragile devices against hard drops.

On top of the ergonomic design and multiple compartments, an undeniably handy feature comes in the form of a built-in exterior USB outlet. By connecting it to a power bank inside the backpack, you can quickly charge your phone, tablet, handheld gaming console, or any other gadget without hassle.

XD Design Bobby Anti Theft Backpack

XD Design Bobby Anti Theft Backpack for laptops
Credit: XD Design Official Store on Shopee


Sometimes, you can never be too careful. If you are doubly concerned about your precious work laptop getting snitched, you should consider investing in an anti-theft backpack, like the XD Design Bobby.

Among the safety features you will find in this backpack are the absence of front access, cut-resistant material, and hidden zippers. Moreover, it comes with water repellent fabric, reflective safety strips, an integrated USB charging port, and even a sunglasses holder. The Bobby is available in several different sizes for laptops big and small.

Oxwhite Unisex Ultralight Duo Totepack

Oxwhite Unisex Ultralight Duo Totepack backpacks for laptops
Credit: OXWHITE Official Store on Shopee


Backpacks for laptops don’t just come in a uniform design. It can also be a tote bag! Opt for more versatility with the Oxwhite Unisex Ultralight Duo Totepack which lets you carry your belongings in more ways than one while still looking stylish.

It has a big enough storage capacity that can fit a 13-inch laptop in addition to ample  pocket spaces for access to compact items. The backpack is constructed from durable material comprising layers of densely-woven nylon and features a water-repellent coating.

Get A Proper Backpack For Your Laptop If You Want The Best Carrying Comfort And Protection

a man carrying a backpack
Credit: VISIONGADGETRY on Shopee

Backpacks for carrying laptops exist for a reason. Unlike your everyday bags, they come with additional features to transport your portable computer in the safest way possible. They are also made to adequately support the weight of the laptop while easing the carrying burden on the wearer. Invest in a good one and see how it makes a huge difference to your office get-up.

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