The Ultimate Guide To The 5 Main Types Of Men’s Body Shapes

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Fellas, we’ve already covered the importance of knowing what fringe style will bring out the best of your facial features, but that same concept applies to your outfits too. 

Perhaps you’ve tried to emulate an outfit of your favourite celebrities, only to realise that the look you’ve created doesn’t quite look like what you had in mind. After all, what may look good others may not necessarily have the same effect on yourself. And that’s ok!

So before you figure out what aesthetic you want to convey, you need to first get to know your own body. Below, we’ve put together a rough guide on all the different men’s body types and how to identify which one you are. 

5 Main Types Of Men’s Body Shapes 

1. Rectangle Body Type

rectangle shape
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Men with the rectangle body type usually have equal proportions between the shoulders, waist, and hips. As such, you’ll need to look for pieces that will broaden the shoulders but narrow down towards the lower torso. Celebrities with this body shape include BTS’ Jimin and RM, as well as, Ewan Mcgregor. 

Fashion ‘Dos:

Fashion ‘Don’ts:

2. Inverted Triangle Body Type

inverted triangle, men body type
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This type of men’s body shape is characterised by their wide shoulders and narrow waists, resembling that of an upside-down triangle. Overall, this build is quite common among athletes, with their upper torso being significantly broader than their lower body. Styling-wise, the goal is to balance out your frame with shirts that are fitted around the chest and shoulders but slightly baggy around the waist. Celebrities with the inverted triangle body shape include BTS Jin, J-Hope, Taehyung, and Jungkook. 

Fashion ‘Dos:

Fashion ‘Don’ts:

3. Triangle Body Type

triangle shape
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If you tend to put on weight around the midsection than in other areas, you probably have a triangle body shape. Men with this body type are usually wider in the hips and waist but smaller in the shoulders and chest. However, almost every guy can be prone to getting the triangle body shape the older they get. To make your body appear more proportional, you’ll want to look for clothing that adds shape and bulk to your shoulders. Celebrities with the triangle body include Kanye West and Adam Devine. 

Fashion ‘Dos:

Fashion ‘Don’ts:

4. Oval/Round Body Type

oval shape, men body type
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The oval or round type of men’s body shape can be identified by its narrow shoulders and chest, wide waist, and slim hips. Those with an oval shape usually have fuller faces, shorter necks, and rounded stomachs. Meanwhile, the legs are slightly slimmer compared to the upper body. For that reason, your goal will be focused on streamlining and elongating your silhouette. Celebrities with this body type include James Corden, Super Junior’s Shindong, Kevin James, and Elton John. 

Fashion ‘Dos:

Fashion ‘Don’ts:

5. Trapezoid Body Type

trapezoid shape
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The trapezoid is viewed as the “perfect” type of body shape for men. It’s characterised by its broad shoulders and upper torso before it gradually tapers down to the waist and hips. Since trapezoids have the most well-balanced figure, most clothes would look good on them. That said, it’s still crucial to make the right fashion choices if you want to take full advantage of your proportional build. Celebrities with the trapezoid body shape include Hugh Jackman, Jackson Wang, and Daniel Craig. 

Fashion ‘Dos:

Fashion ‘Don’ts:

Know How To Dress According To These Men’s Body Types

men body type
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Rectangle, oval, trapezoid, triangle or inverted triangle—which one of these types of men’s body shapes are you? We hope our guide has given you a better understanding of your figure so you can look suave and cool in all of your outfits. For more fashion tips, check out our guide on decoding dress code meanings to prevent yourself from making major fashion faux pas. Wondering why none of your clothes seems to match? Then maybe it’s time to re-learn the basics with these casual wardrobe essentials

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