Always Wanted To Learn Korean? Master The Language With These Free And Easy Methods

How To Learn Korean

According to the recently published 2021 Duolingo Language Report, the Korean language is the fastest-growing language in several countries including France, Germany, and Japan. No surprise there. We certainly have Hallyu (or “K-Wave”) and Netflix to thank for that. If you are reading this, chances are you too are interested in learning the language. And who says you need to pay for formal lessons when you can learn the language for free. With these resources on how to learn the Korean language, you can expand your K-vocabulary beyond just annyeonghaseyo, kamsahamnida, and saranghae in no time! 

How To Learn The Korean Language If You Are Short Of Time

Learn Korean Language & Hangul, Korean - Lessons+ and Eggbun how to learn korean language
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Apps are the best way to go if you don’t have much free time to spare on a typical day. They offer quick, bite-sized lessons that can be completed in mere minutes—perfect during a train commute or waiting in line for your cup of Americano. You can learn at your own pace and fill your various pockets of free time meaningfully instead of mindless doom-scrolling.  

You probably already know about the likes of Duolingo, Babbel, and Memrise (if not, read this) which are apps to learn languages, including Korean. They are certainly worth trying. However, if you want to use a more Korean-specific language learning app, you should turn your attention to apps like Learn Korean Language & Hangul (iOS, Android), Korean – Lessons+ (iOS), and Eggbun (iOS, Android).

They offer more in-depth and comprehensive lessons that run the gamut from grammar to writing the Hangeul. These apps are suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. Best of all, they are free to use.

How To Learn The Korean Language If You Are Keen To Dive Deeper

Talk To Me In Korean website how to learn korean language
Credit: Talk To Me In Korean

When you have time to settle down in front of the computer, there is no shortage of online resources besides apps to learn the Korean language at no cost. We recommend taking a look at Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK), which offers free, beginner-friendly online courses. You can also opt for its paid membership to get extra content.

It has a rich mix of audio and video content to keep audiences engaged, covering every aspect of learning from listening to reading. You can sort your learning purposes according to themes (entertainment, business, test prep, or travelling to Korea) to get just the lessons you need. claims to give you everything you need to be able to read Korean. Created entirely by a one-man team who taught himself Korean without any formal classes, the lessons have the added benefit of insights from a fellow non-native speaker. The results are lessons that speak intimately to non-Korean learners. The website contains very detailed and organised explanations that will greatly benefit any newbie to the language.

How To Learn The Korean Language If You Are More Of A Visual Learner

Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean YouTube channel how to learn korean language
Credit: Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean YouTube Channel

Yes, you can binge-watch all the K-dramas you want and pick up a few words here and there, but there are far more effective ways of learning for the visually inclined.

The resource we’re talking about is none other than YouTube. Did you know that there are plenty of channels dedicated to teaching Korean to the masses? Search for “learn Korean” and you will be down a rabbit hole in no time. 

Notable channel highlights include Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean, which features a healthy mix of informative and fun videos. Seemile Korean is also worth checking out, especially if you are an ARMY as you will not be able to resist learning Korean with elements based on all the BTS members themselves!

How To Learn The Korean Language If You Have Your Hands Full

Real Life Korean Conversations For Beginner
Credit: Spotify

Partaking in any of the above requires undivided attention. But what if you have your hands full, like literally? Should you not be able to make time for an app, a website, or a video, the next best thing is to listen instead.

And no, we do not mean jamming to K-Pop 24/7, but listening to a podcast. A collection or series of digital audio files, podcasts are ideal for when you are actively engaging in other activities. You can listen to it while you’re having your breakfast, driving, or even when you’re out for a jog.  

There’s a whole sea of podcasts made for Korean language learners. Spotify is one of the easiest ways to access some of them. From Real Life Korean Conversations For Beginners to Let’s Learn Korean, each podcast offers useful tidbits that are easy to consume whenever and wherever you are.

Learn Korean At Your Own Pace, However You Want It 

Learning a new language demands a lot of your time. There is no one-size-fits-all method that is perfect for all learners. Make use of the different methods or combine some of them to suit your learning pace and style. We are lucky that free resources are readily available for us to tap into. With a keen interest and full dedication, you can one day say goodbye to reading subtitles when you tune in to your favourite K-show. Hwaiting!

Got other tips and recommendations on how to learn the Korean language? Share them below!

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