Get Into The Chinese New Year 2024 Spirit With These Dragon-Themed Items

chinese new year dragon motif items

2024 is the year of the Dragon zodiac, and understandably, it is a big year for the Chinese community. The mythical creature is highly revered and often associated with positive attributes, so much so that many couples meticulously time their newborn’s arrival to happen in a “Dragon year”! Given the upcoming Chinese New Year festivity, dragon-themed items will be highly-sought after, and we’re here to help your CNY shopping! Here are eight items featuring the dragon motif that will add some cheers and joy to your celebration!

8 Must-Have “Dragon” Items For Your Chinese New Year 2024 Celebration

Bring in the “ong” this Chinese New Year with the dragon’s help

1.   Dragon Motif Angpows

Dragon Motif Angpows chinese new year
Credit: TOHO BAKERY SUPPLY on Shopee

What is Chinese New Year without angpows? These money-carrying red packets take on interesting and intricate designs year after year, and they are a major highlight in every CNY celebration. Whether they carry a simple minimalistic style or eye-catching elaborate patterns, an angpow packet’s design is given a lot of importance and can even spark heated discussions!

Of course, the obvious thing to do is to get packets adorned with dragon elements, and there is no shortage of options. Be spoilt for choice when you browse CNY dragon angpows on Shopee, and we included one here to get you started!

2.   CNY Dragon Ceramic Bowl Set

CNY Ceramic Bowl Set
Credit: Happy Shopping Mall 2u on Shopee

Bai nian, or the practice of house-visiting among relatives and friends, is commonly observed during the celebration. While visiting a home, it is always a good idea to bring along gifts as a sign of courtesy. If you’re looking for great gift ideas, consider this ceramic bowl set!

A bowl set will always find its uses—if not for dining, they can be put on display as decoration. Available in two-bowl, four-bowl, and six-bowl sets, this dragon-themed Chinese New Year gift set will surely be welcomed by every household!

3.   Dragon-Themed Red Packet Cloth Waist Bag

Dragon-Themed Red Packet Cloth Waist Bag chinese new year
Credit: B&G Centre on Shopee

Speaking of bai nian, it is a tradition for the hosts to hand out angpows to visiting guests. Families with little kids who do a lot of house visitations during the festivity will no doubt receive plenty of red packets, and there will be a need to safekeep them until they get home. 

Instead of having your little ones running up to you every time they are handed an angpow, get them this cute little waist bag so they can store their gains safely by their side at all times (and look cute doing so).

4.   Dragon-Themed T-Shirt

CNY T-Shirt
Credit: Korean.Shop on Shopee

Donning fresh new clothes on the first day of Chinese New Year is a must for many families. Some would even go the extra mile to get the whole gang to wear the same T-shirt for extra camaraderie. 

If your family plans to do just that this year, check out these CNY 2024 dragon-themed tees which are suitable for the young and old in your household, among many other designs available. Fret not, they are affordable enough to buy in bulk.

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5.   Dragon Biscuit

Dragon Biscuit chinese new year
Credit: taoshifang11 on Shopee

Like all festivities, this is a time to overindulge ourselves with snacks and cookies with a free pass. We are spoilt when it comes to the variety of CNY cookies available, but come on, you wouldn’t pass up the chance to have some dragon biscuits for Chinese New Year in 2024! 

For those wondering what are dragon biscuits, they are essentially butter cookies baked into a shape resemblant of a dragon. Get a tin for your family’s consumption, or serve it to your visiting guests.

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6.   CNY-Themed Cookie Cutter

CNY-Themed Cookie Cutter
Credit: _August_ on Shopee

While many families opt to buy ready-made CNY cookies to prepare for the big day, some will choose to bake their own. Besides saving costs, preparing homemade cookies can also make for a great bonding time for the whole family and a fun little project for the kids. If you’re looking for a cookie cutter to make cute little cookies suited for the occasion, look no further than these!

7.   CNY Dragon Figurines

CNY Dragon Figurines chinese new year
Credit: on Shopee

New clothes? Check. Cookies? Check. It’s time to look for some CNY decoration items next. They come in all shapes and sizes that you can put on a display rack, stick to the wall, or hang in the ceiling. This Chinese New Year, we reckon these dragon miniature figurines would be a delightful addition to your home. They come in many cute designs and are cheap enough that you can buy a few of them. The more the merrier!

8.   CNY Dragon-Themed Baby Romper

CNY Dragon-Themed Baby Romper
Credit: Tee Shirt King on Shopee

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, expect to see a lot of “dragon babies” pop out this year. If you have relatives/friends/colleagues who are expecting a baby or have just given birth, these cute baby rompers (which can be customised to include the baby’s name) would be an ideal gift to commemorate the special occasion and a special year for the little one!

Make This Dragon Chinese New Year Celebration A Roaring Good One With These Items

a life-sized dragon lantern
Credit: R M via Unsplash

Happening once every 12 years, the year of the Dragon brings with it a sense of awe and anticipation, as the zodiac animal symbolises strength, prosperity, and good fortune in Chinese culture. Embrace the symbolism of the dragon this Chinese New Year, whether through clothing, accessories, or artwork, to usher in the brand new year with a spirit of prosperity and good luck. Happy CNY!

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