Here Are The Cheapest iPhones In Malaysia You Can Buy For Under RM3,000

Apple iPhone SE 2022, iPhone 12 mini & iPhone 11

Since 2015, Apple has included a “budget” option to their phone lineup, which (no surprise) became one of their more popular sellers. The iPhone SE makes iPhones more accessible to the masses, and earlier this year we were introduced to the latest iPhone SE 3rd Generation. Apple is still officially selling their older models from the past two generations, and it certainly raises some fruit…we mean food for thought if you are weighing your options for the cheapest iPhone to buy in Malaysia. Read our guide below if you need help in deciding.

These Three Are The Cheapest iPhone Models In Malaysia You Can Get From Apple Right Now 

Aside from the iPhone SE 3rd Generation (2022), the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 11 are also compelling options as some of the cheapest iPhone models in Malaysia you should be looking into as they have comparable price tags. But the question is, which one should you go for?

iPhone SE 3rd Generation (2022)



The third iteration of Apple’s budget option does not eschew from the same formula used in the previous generations. Once again, we are looking at new hardware in an old and worn body. Whereas there’s a design update between the first and second-generation iPhone SE, Apple is happy at doing just the minimum for their latest.

That means the return of the top-and-bottom bezels and the home button with fingerprint scanner. But underneath, the A15 Bionic chipset is keeping pace with the latest and greatest iPhone 13 series. More than just putting in its latest chipset and calling it a day, Apple has also made slight improvements to the battery life, which it claims now offers up to two hours more video playback time than its predecessor. You can also expect the newer phone to take better-looking photos thanks to the more advanced computations in the latest processor.

Oh, and it has 5G now.

Why You Should Consider The iPhone SE 3rd Generation

  • The cheapest iPhone you can get in Malaysia
  • You want no compromise in performance
  • TouchID is much more reliable in our current mask-wearing norm

Why You Might Want To Give The iPhone SE 3rd Generation A Miss

  • Stuck-in-time design
  • Outdated display
  • Battery life is still not great

iPhone 12 mini



Compact phone lovers finally have a reason to smile in 2020 when Apple debuted the first-ever iPhone mini. As iPhones—and smartphones in general—are getting bigger and bigger with each passing year, the palm-sized iPhone provides a welcome relief for those put off by brick-like devices.

The iPhone 12 mini is perfect for those who prefer to accomplish every task on their phone with only one hand. Be it typing out messages nimbly or reaching out to all four corners of the display effortlessly, it doesn’t demand users to perform strenuous finger gymnastics.

While it comes with Night mode on both cameras, its computational photography is made possible thanks to the (blazing-fast) A14 Bionic chipset. That coupled with a modern design, the iPhone 12 mini is still a top recommended buy even in the presence of the iPhone 13 mini

Why You Should Consider The iPhone 12 mini

  • Best for one-handed operation
  • Most up-to-date design with MagSafe
  • Best camera system of the bunch 

Why You Might Want To Give The iPhone 12 mini A Miss

  • Not the fastest iPhone
  • The small screen can be too limiting, especially if you enjoy watching videos on your phone

iPhone 11



This might be your last chance to get the iPhone 11 as Apple is expected to remove from the lineup right after the company pulls the curtain off the next generation iPhone series in September.

Although it has been more than two years since its release, the iPhone 11 remains a solid choice if you are looking for one of the cheapest iPhone models in Malaysia. It has a nice, large screen (but not cumbersomely large), decent battery life, and comes in a selection of fun colourways.

The iPhone 11 may be the appealing middle-ground option if you find the iPhone SE 3rd generation’s old design unappealing yet unwilling to pay a few extra hundred Ringgits for the smaller iPhone 12 mini.

Why You Should Consider The iPhone 11

  • Sizeable screen that provides an enjoyable viewing experience
  • Prices have dropped considerably
  • You want to own a green phone

Why You Might Want To Give The iPhone 11 A Miss

  • Not as future proof as the newer iPhones in terms of receiving software updates
  • No 5G

iPhone SE 3rd Generation vs iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 11 – Specs Comparison

Here’s a quick overview of how three of the cheapest iPhones in Malaysia stack up side by side.


iPhone SE 3rd Generation 

iPhone 12 mini iPhone 11

4.7-inch Retina HD display (1334 x 750 resolution)


5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display (2340 x 1080 resolution)


6.1-inch (1792 x 828 resolution)


A15 Bionic


A14 Bionic


A13 Bionic




64GB/128GB/256GB internal storage memory


64GB/128GB internal storage memory






IP67 dust-and-water-resistant


IP68 dust-and-water-resistant


12MP single rear camera


12MP primary lens

12MP ultrawide lens


7MP selfie camera


12MP selfie camera


2018mAh battery (with 20W fast charging + 7.5W wireless charging)


2227mAh battery (with 20W fast charging + 7.5W wireless charging + 15W MagSafe charging)


3110mAh battery (with 18W fast charging + 7.5W wireless charging


Which One Of These Cheapest iPhone Models In Malaysia Will You Get?

If you have less than RM3,000 to spend on an iPhone, these currently are the cheapest iPhone options available in Malaysia, with pricing details below. Get yours from the Apple Authorised Resellers on Shopee Malaysia for the best deals.

iPhone SE 3rd Generation

64GB – RM2,099

128GB – RM2,299

256GB – RM2,799

iPhone 12 mini

64GB – RM2,899

128GB – RM3,099

256GB – RM3,599

iPhone 11

64GB – RM2,399

128GB – RM2,599

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