12 Best Futsal Shoes In Malaysia & How To Choose The Right Pair

adidas predator tango futsal boots

Futsal, like its grass pitch alternative, is a game of speed, wits, and power. But instead of an open field, it’s within the confines of a smaller hard court with fewer players on each side. To outperform the competition, it’s important to have a solid foundation from the ground up. By wearing the best futsal shoes in Malaysia, you gain traction and support for quick pivots, dynamic set-ups, and sprints from one end to the other.

What Shoes Should I Wear For Futsal?

Futsal shoes are best for the sport because they have grippy bottom soles that help players stay grounded and in control. Unlike football boots, futsal shoes have flat bottoms but without spikes. This is because football is played on the grass, while futsal and indoor soccer are played on hard courts or turfs. 

Remember: You want the shoes to fit well, not too tight or loose, because both extremes may cause unnecessary friction or be uncomfortable to wear. Even worse, they could lead to injuries.

The Best Futsal Shoes In Malaysia For Your Next Game

So you can be quick on your feet and outmatch your rivals. 

1. Umbro Attacker 

best futsal shoes malaysia umbro attacker black
Credit: Gatti Sports Factory Outlet on Shopee

Count on legacy British football brand Umbro to make the best futsal shoes in Malaysia, like these cool all black Attackers with the embossed Umbro logo standing out in white. Featuring a durable yet lightweight synthetic upper, they support your feet through vigorous matches and protect them from incoming tackles. On the outsoles, the textured patterns ground your feet even when you’re gearing for a rapid attacking play. 

2. Mizuno Rebula Sala Club

Mizuno Rebula Sala Club blue green
Credit: World Of Sports on Shopee

Mizuno may be known for its badminton shoes, but the Japanese retailer also supplies futsal shoes in Malaysia. The Rebula Sala Club IN is a good example; they perform incredibly well thanks to a low-cut style with solid lace structure over the supple yet hardy mesh upper. Plus, they look eye-catching in bright blue and yellow, so your teammate won’t have a problem spotting you from afar. 

3. Lotto For Man Tacto 300V

best futsal shoe malaysia Lotto For Man Tacto 300V blue gum sole
Credit: Lotto MY Official Store on Shopee

The Lotto Taco 300V is made with the all-rounder in mind.  Whether you’re defending an onslaught or commanding a counter-attack, they get the job done without compromising stability and comfort. The upper is designed with care to create distinct sections of leather and suede, which will cushion impact in a secure fit. 

4. adidas Ghosted 4

adidas ghosted white grey silver
Credit: Sport Planet Warehouse Outlet on Shopee

Don’t ghost your date, ghost your rivals instead. adidas’ Ghosted 4 promises to leave the competition in the lurch with a ridiculously lightweight construction that will have you thinking you’re barefooted. But you’re not. You’re instead protected with a stretchy layer of synthetic upper that won’t suffocate your feet. And as an added bonus, the bottoms of these best-in-class futsal shoes in Malaysia leave no marks on the court, only on the game. 

5. PUMA Monarch II IT

best futsal shoes malaysia puma monarch ii black gum sole
Credit: Al-ikhsan Sports Official Store on Shopee

Puma, adidas’ long-time competitor (fun fact: the founders are brothers, story for another day), doesn’t fall short in the futsal department too. The Monarch range is a best-seller, and the II IT remains a popular and affordable choice for casual footies. What’s more, they look sleek. Black upper and gum sole? That’s impossible to go wrong. 

6. Decathlon Futsal Shoes

decathlon futsal shoes black grey upper gum sole
Credit: Decathlon Official Store on Shopee

Decathlon’s goal is to make sports accessible and affordable for the masses, and it has certainly done so with these futsal shoes. For just under RM70, they’re packed with features often found in more expensive options. The upper and sole are made of abrasion-resistant materials, so expect them to last if you exercise care. A stretchy tongue makes slipping in and out of the shoes easy. 

7. Kronos Futsal KFW-7526

kronos futsal shoe striped green upper yellow sole
Credit: KRONOS on Shopee

Not only are the KFW-7526 a good-looking pair of kicks, but they’re also engineered for speed and precision. The flexible rubber outsole gives you steady traction and flexibility for you to make tight pivots around the opposition. Mix it with a padded collar, and you’ve got one of the best futsal shoes that money can buy. 

8. ASICS Calcetto WD 8

best futsal shoes asics red leather upper yellow logo
Credit: Mysports Stations on Shopee

The luxurious maroon leather of the Calcetto WD 8 will make you feel like a million bucks on the court. And thankfully, they perform as good as they look. Topped with robust artificial leather that sustains long-term wear-and-tear, these ASICS beaters are built to last. So go ahead and get rough with your opponents. The wide forefoot area holds your midfoot all the way to your heel in place, providing optimal stability even during chaotic plays.

9. Ortuseight Jogosala Roulette

Ortuseight Jogosala Roulette white upper mint green sole
Credit: ortuseightofficialshop.os on Shopee

Ortuseight from Indonesia has been making waves in Southeast Asia for its stylish and affordable sports equipment. The Jogosale Roulette embodies these KSPs in a pair of futsal shoes so fashionable that they can be passed off as sneakers. Leather panelling completes the construction of the shoes for durability and support while a neoprene footbed absorbs impact. Separately, the heat-map pattern on the sole allows for sharp turns near the end zones.

10. Gatti ZEENA

gatti zeena blue leather upper neon green side
Credit: Gatti Malaysia on Shopee

Don’t discount the ZEENA’s price tag for subpar quality and durability. In fact, the shoes see a mix of PU and rubber completing the upper, two materials not often seen together in budget options. These materials are further enhanced with gradient patterns near the heel and geometry motif on the front. Overall, you can consider this among the best futsal shoes in Malaysia for those just starting out in the sport. 

11. adidas Predator Tango 18+

best futsal shoe malaysia adidas predator tango 18 plus
Credit: Sport Planet Warehouse Outlet on Shopee

Worn by pro players around the globe, the adidas Predator range has been a mainstay in the football and futsal community. The Tango 18+ is among the line-up’s latest model, utilising an innovative sock-like mesh upper for a precise fit no matter what your size is—no laces required. Elsewhere, the moulded heel shields your feet from surprise tackles, protecting you even when you’re most vulnerable. 

12. Puma Ultra Play IT

puma ultra play light green colour
Credit: Al-ikhsan Sports Official Store on Shopee

Never slow down with Puma’s Ultra Play IT. Focusing on freedom of movement, the shoes are made to enhance your agility, allowing you to change directions quickly. Coupling that with a well-built PU upper, you have a pair of reliable kicks that will see you through the end of every game, and then some. 

These Best Futsal Shoes In Malaysia Ensure You’re Always One Step Ahead Of The Competition

futsal ball goal
Credit: Pascal Swier via Unsplash

Picking out your footwear for the court isn’t something you want to leave to chance. To come out on top, you need the best futsal shoes in Malaysia so you can outmatch the competition in every way possible. Gearing up for the World Cup season? Browse through the FIFA World Cup 2022™ kits and see what catches your eye. We kinda like the Portugal and Denmark kits!

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