7 Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles To Soothe & Prevent Gas/Acid Reflux

best anti colic bottle

If your child is always turning on the waterworks whenever you try to bottle feed them, chances are, they might be suffering from colic. Thankfully, there are now plenty of anti-colic bottle options available to help you combat these feeding issues. But before we get into our list, perhaps you’re wondering what exactly is colic? Here’s everything you need to know about colic gas and its symptoms to get you started. 

What Is Colic And The Symptoms That Trigger It

Colic can be first identified when you notice your healthy baby crying for an intense and prolonged period. They usually occur during the evening and appear during the first three to six weeks of your baby’s life. These episodes can last for about three or more hours a day, three or more days in a week, for at least three weeks. While there’s no specific cause of colic, it can be triggered by these few symptoms:

  • Underdeveloped digestive system
  • Food allergies
  • Over or underfeeding and inconsistent burping
  • Acid reflux
  • Gas
  • Hunger 
  • Reaction to certain formulas
  • Cow milk proteins in breast milk

Additionally, it’s common for babies to get gas by swallowing too much air during feeding sessions. That’s where anti-colic bottles come in! Continue reading for our top best picks. 

Best Anti-Colic Bottles To Prevent Gas Reflux 

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle

philips avent bottle
Credit: Philips Avent Official Store on Shopee Malaysia



Many have praised the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle for first-time parents. Designed with their AirFree™ vent, it draws air away from the teat to reduce gas reflux so that they swallow less air as they drink. Furthermore, it’s also got a firmer ribbed texture which will prevent the teat from collapsing. 

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle

Mam anti colic bottle
Credit: MAM Baby Official Store on Shopee Malaysia



This bottle comes with a patented vented base that helps keep the air bubbles out of your baby’s milk. It’s 100% BPS/BPA-free, so parents can feed their little ones with peace of mind. You also won’t need a separate steriliser—simply pop the bottle into the microwave for three minutes and it’ll automatically self-sterilise. Their flat-shaped teat also allows for an easier transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. 

COMOTOMO Natural Feel Silicone Baby Bottle

Credit: Bebehaus Official Store on Shopee Malaysia



COMOTOMO’s Baby Bottles are another great option to help smoothen the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. Both the teat and the bottle are made of silicone that feels soft and comfortable for your baby to hold. You can also ditch the bottle brush because the extra-wide neck makes it super easy to clean by hand. The teat also contains dual anti-colic vents to relieve the air and pressure, ensuring that the bottle is perfectly ventilated. 

Basilic PPSU Feeding Bottle

basilic anti colic bottle
Credit: Basilic Malaysia Official Store on Shopee Malaysia


Basilic’s PPSU Feeding bottle is designed with an anti-skid cap along with a patented anti-colic tube. Together, they help to prevent milk leakage and reduce the amount of air entering the bottle. It’s eco-friendly and free of 65 different kinds of chemical substances including environmental hormones. Plus, their heat-proof properties allow it to be resistant to temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius. 

Twistshake Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Credit: Twistshake Official Store on Shopee Malaysia 


Twistshake’s design features a unique TwistFlow anti-colic system using an air valve and mixer net. It combats colic with steady ventilation to reduce vacuum build-up, keeping out any unnecessary air from reaching your baby’s sensitive stomach. Meanwhile, the mixer net effectively dissolves the milk formula’s solution, ensuring that there are no lumps to clog up the teat. For busy parents, there’s also an extra container that you can use to store and prepare the formula powder easily on the go. 

Dr Brown’s Option+ Wide-Neck Bottle

dr brown wide neck anti colic bottle
Credit: Dr Brown’s Official Shop on Shopee Malaysia



As its name suggests, Dr Brown’s anti-colic bottle gives you the option to use it with or without the vent system. So as your baby develops, you won’t need to introduce them to another standard bottle. But before then, you can fully utilise their internal vent system attached to the teat collar. This will not only help to reduce air bubbles but also prevent the oxidation of nutrients.Thus, retaining the milk’s essential vitamins. 

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Advanced Anti-Colic Plus

tommee tippee
Credit: Tommee Tippee Official Store on Shopee Malaysia



Tommee Tippee’s baby bottle has a unique three-piece anti-colic technology that draws air away from milk. It’s said to decrease 80% gas, spit-up, and fussing, giving your little one a comfortable and uninterrupted feeding experience. And thanks to their heat sensing technology, you also won’t have to worry about choosing the right temperature for your baby’s milk. The straw will automatically turn pink when it gets too hot. 

Let Your Baby Enjoy Feeding Time With These Reliable Anti-Colic Bottles 

best anti colic bottle
Credit: Twistshake Official Store and Bebehaus Official Store on Shopee Malaysia

Listening to your baby’s constant cries during feeding time can be heartbreaking. But before panicking, try replacing their regular baby bottle with an anti-colic one to see if their condition improves. It’s also better to schedule a doctor’s appointment to gain a more professional opinion as well as to check if there are any further medical issues. Is your little one slowly moving away from their milk diet? Then check our guide on the best baby food processors for the smoothest purees

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