7 Best Baby Food Processors To Blend Ingredients Into Smooth Puree ASAP

Just became new parents? Then a baby food processor or baby food maker is worth adding to your baby essentials list. It’s a convenient kitchen appliance that will make it easier (and faster) to whip up healthy homemade baby food while saving you ample time. After all, it’s going to do all the heavy lifting—defrosting, steaming, heating, grinding, and more! Below, we round up the best baby food processors you can buy in Malaysia. But before you invest in one, let’s also take a look at some important features to consider. 

How To Choose The Best Baby Food Processor 

The Number Of Functions

Most baby food makers come with multiple functions so that busy parents can make quick and nutritious meals in just mere minutes. The more functions it has, the more time you’ll save in the long run! So think about which functions you’ll need and use the most, based on what meals you’re planning to prepare for your baby

Safe Materials

Make sure the baby food blender is made of durable and safe materials that are free from BPA, phthalate, and lead. This way, it won’t contaminate the ingredients inside or pose any health risks to you and your family. 

Ease Of Cleaning 

Besides taking time off your hands from cooking, a good baby food blender should also save you cleaning time. Pick one that is easy to clean, and do check the specifications for each model as they may come with different cleaning instructions. 

Size And Price

Depending on how much counter space you have, the size of this kitchen appliance will matter. Multifunctional, all-in-one models tend to be larger and heavier, while those with basic functions may come in a more compact form that you can stow away discreetly. As for price, there’s a wide range of baby food makers, ranging from budget to premium price points.

The Best Baby Food Processors And Blenders In Malaysia

Samu Giken 4-In-1 Baby Food Processor

best baby food processors
Credit: Samu Giken Official Store on Shopee


For an all-around affordable and value-for-money option, this BPA-free Samu Giken 4-in-1 Baby Food Processor is your best choice at the RM100 price range. It’s equipped with four essential functions including defrosting, heating, steaming, and grinding; thus allowing you to make various types of homemade purees. A large diameter also makes it easy to fill in water and clean once done. It comes with a two-year warranty too! 

Autumnz 2-In-1 Baby Food Processor 

Credit: Oh Baby Store on Shopee


Don’t need too many functions besides a couple of basic ones? Then the Autumnz 2-in-1 Baby Food Processor is a good pick. It’s super easy to use, as its two main functions—steaming and blending—are controlled by just one dial. Furthermore, it’s great for meal prep as there’s a handy 30-minute timer and also a large food bowl that can make up to 500ml of food at one go. Another bonus? Its compact size that’s convenient to carry around. 

Béaba Babycook Neo 4-In-1 Food Blender 

best baby food processors
Credit: Beaba Flagship Store on Shopee


If you’re willing to splurge, the sleek Beaba Babycook Neo is one of the best-looking baby food processors to consider. It boasts up to four settings and a high-performing Sabatier Diamond blade to mix, grind, and blend ingredients into a smooth puree while preserving the natural nutrients and taste. What’s more, its patented steam cooking system automatically switches off once food is fully cooked. It has a five-year warranty and is also BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free. Available in a muted green or navy colourway.

Boboduck 4-In-1 Baby Food Maker 

best baby food processors
Credit: Boboduck Official Store on Shopee


With a baby food blender, all you have to do is just chop the ingredients into small chunks. But with the Boboduck Baby Food Maker, it saves you one extra step with its patented reversible steam basket. Once food is steamed, just twist the basket and you can stir the food directly in the container. Meanwhile, its premium stainless steel blade quickly shreds food in as little as two minutes! Safety is also guaranteed, as it powers off when overheated and stops operating if the device is misaligned or opened.

Philips Avent 4-In-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker

philips avent baby food maker
Credit: Philips Avent Official Store on Shopee


Whether you’re blending fruits and vegetables or meat and fish, you can trust the Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker to get the job done effortlessly. For parents who prefer making baby food in bigger batches, this device lets you make up to four meals simultaneously in a generous 1000ml jar. In that same jar, you can steam, blend, defrost, and reheat food into any consistency, be it a smooth puree or chunkier texture. It’s no wonder it’s touted as one of the best multifunctional baby food processors

Samu Giken 5-In-1 Smart Digital Premium Baby Food Maker

best baby food processors
Credit: Samu Giken Official Store on Shopee


Looking for the best baby food processer that comes with a steriliser function too? You’ll find that in the Samu Giken 5-in-1 Smart Digital Premium Baby Food Maker. With a press of a button, you can eliminate germs from the steam basket, stirring cup, and other parts in 30 minutes. Plus, there are two blending functions (auto and manual), so you have better control of the meal consistency. On top of that, you get a two-year warranty and a safety lock feature that ensures the device operates only when the lid is in contact with the safety switch. 

Ponybear 4-In-1 Baby Food Processor 

Credit: Babyface Best care for Baby Face on Shopee


Another fuss-free baby food maker worth your attention is the one from Ponybear. Made from safe food-grade materials, it offers 360-degree omnidirectional cooking to ensure all ingredients are evenly heated. Moreover, you can use it to make food for both newborns and toddlers—think soups, compotes, and even mini solid meals and snacks. Best of all, everything can be prepared in under 15 minutes! There’s no need to worry about noise either, as the machine operates quietly. For cleaning, all individual parts can also be washed in a dishwasher.

Having The Best Baby Food Processor Will Save You Time In The Kitchen 

masher, container
Credit: Wowmom Official Shop & mydream.co on Shopee 

Preparing daily fresh meals from scratch for your baby can be tiring, which is why having one of these best baby food processors in your kitchen will be worthwhile. It’ll save you time and energy, so you have more to spare for yourself and your newborn. Still think baby food blenders are somewhat bulky? Perhaps a simple baby food masher might be more suitable. No matter your choice, don’t forget to stock up on baby food containers to store their yummy meals.

If your baby is already six months old and ready for their first solid food, why not try making a few of these easy homemade puree recipes using the baby food maker? And to ensure mealtimes are mess-free while feeding them, consider these best baby high chairs too!

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