These 15 Hari Raya Gift Sets Will Make Your Loved Ones Happy

Apart from joyful gatherings and generous eating, seasonal festivities also call for customary gifting. As one of the most important celebrations in Malaysia, Hari Raya sees Malaysians sending curated care packages to loved ones far and wide. Whether you’re hand-gifting a box of decadent treats at a family open house or delivering a gift set to a faithful business partner, there are many ways to show appreciation this festive season. If you’re shopping around for ideas, consider these Hari Raya gift sets

Hari Raya Gift Sets To Explore 

Care packages for this season.

1. Hari Raya Chocolate Gift Set

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Life’s a box of chocolates and it gets even better with a personalised greeting card! Send this ensemble of sweet chocolate wafers, each covered in Raya-themed wrappers for a splash of festivity, then sign off with a heartwarming note.

2. Spa Luxetique Hand Cream Set

raya gift sets hand lotion
Credit: Spa Luxetique MY Official Store on Shopee

Packaged in a box plastered with flower motifs, this Spa Luxetique Hand Cream Set has three scented hand cream bottles to soothe and moisturise dry hands. From the calming whiffs of the ocean to the sweet tinge of almonds, your giftee will be smelling their hands for days. 

3. Mahnaz Food Delight Date Gift Box 

raya gift sets
Credit: MAHNAZ FOOD – MERCU CITA on Shopee

Inject a nutritious crunch into Raya snacking with this gift pack from Mahnaz Food. The exquisite brown box is home to eight compartments of meticulously-arranged tasty treats, from cashew nuts and almonds to sun-dried apricots and dates. These are all foods packed with vitamins and essential nutrients, so there’s no guilt in having one too many. 

4. Signature Market Coffee & Tea Gift Box

raya gift set
Credit: Signature Market Official Store✅ on Shopee

Signature Market’s coffee and tea bundle consists of premium instant blends ranging from Japanese Houjicha Latte to Mocha Espresso Latte. And because the mixes contain soy milk instead of dairy, even your lactose-intolerant friend can enjoy a morning cuppa without having to suffer a trip to the loo afterwards.   

5. Pixajoy Raya Gift Box 

Credit: Pixajoy Photobook on Shopee

If you’re looking for a personalised Hari Raya gift set to stand out from the crowd, consider this Pixajoy care package. Have your recipient’s name emblazoned on mugs, a tote bag, and cute Raya packets for a unique take on seasonal gifting. Encasing these items is a beautiful and Instagram-worthy box, which of course, is also embellished with a personal touch. 

6. O.TWO.O Variety Makeup Set

makeup set raya
Credit: O.TWO.O Official Shop on Shopee

Give the beauty enthusiasts in your life a dash of glam and glamour this festive season with this O.TWO.O makeup kit. Comprising essentials such as eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, and lipsticks, the handy makeup kit provides everything they need to doll up for work or play. 

7. Plant Origins Trio Bundle 

Credit: plantorigins.os on Shopee

Surprise a loved one with the Plant Origins Trio Bundle, a premium self-care kit consisting of organically-formulated body washes, perfect for some TLC after a long day of visitations. Plus, the Aesop-like amber bottles will look great on just about any vanity. 

8. Japanese Style Porcelain Set

raya gift sets
Credit: EZYhut on Shopee

If you hope to impress, there’s no way of going wrong with a set of fine china. Constructed using high-grade porcelain, these distinguished and stylish bowls will surely be the stars at the dining table. The set comes with matching chopsticks and a box for easy storage. 

9. Elianware Candy Tray & Water Jug Set

raya gift sets
Credit: elianware_malaysia on Shopee

There will be lots of eating and drinking during Raya, and this Elianware tray set will come in handy. Available in flashy colours of red or purple and made from high-grade food-safe material, the party-ready set includes a water jug, a multi-compartment tray, and cups. 

10. Dates Gift Pack

Credit: ewellness on Shopee

Rich in fibre and antioxidants, dates are a nutritional powerhouse and mainstay during the Ramadan season for their ability to satiate hunger. Their sweet taste and chewy texture also make them a healthier and less sinful snack to indulge in. Apart from dates, your recipient will enjoy dried kiwis, dried apricots, and dried figs in this delectable Hari Raya gift set.

11. Eureka Popcorn Set

raya gift set popcorn
Credit: Eureka Popcorn Snack on Shopee

Popcorns are a snack that can be enjoyed year-round. This care pack from local popcorn maker Eureka brings a local twist with a curated selection of flavours like Butterscotch and Dark Chocolate. Comes with Raya packets and a personalised card. 

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12. Tupperware Set

raya gift set malaysia tupperware
Credit: yongshengecommerce on Shopee

Tupperware and Malaysian families are inseparable, which makes this gift set a welcome addition to any household. Four different sizes for the ultimate storage solution.  

13. HEXA Food Ramadan Raya Gift Box

raya gift sets
Credit: Hexa Food Official Store on Shopee

From the Middle East with love. For this year’s Raya, local spice company Hexa Food bundles a bag of cooking sauces and pastes with complimentary hand-painted wall decor from the Middle East. Meanwhile, the sauces are great for whipping up quick meals from biryani rice to rendang.

14. Spa Luxetique Bath Set

Credit: Spa Luxetique MY Official Store on Shopee

Nothing quite comes close to the comfort that the gift of self-love brings. Case in point: This Spa Luxetique bath set is a collection of nourishing bath bombs, pampering gels, and more for your giftee to wind down after a strenuous day. 

15. Hamper Box

raya gift box malaysia
Credit: Emmamie Creative on Shopee

If you’ve been cracking your head but still can’t decide on a gift, get a hamper like this. Your giftee will love it for two reasons: The Raya motifs are pleasing to the eyes and the goods are a variety of addictive snacks. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Send These Hari Raya Gift Sets To Your Loved Ones

Credit: Mufid Majnun via Unsplash

Gifting during the festive season can be a stressful endeavour. What should you get for the in-laws? How about colleagues? Neighbours? Siblings? Questions, questions. That’s why this article exists in the first place—to offer you suggestions so you can make an informed decision. These Hari Raya gift sets cater to different audiences, needs, and budgets, so don’t fret about not finding one that fits the bill. For more exclusive and wallet-friendly deals, check out our Ramadan Sale!

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