Handy Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips To Optimise Storage Space

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It’s never a fun sight to open up a cluttered cupboard only to have all your piled up pots and pans come tumbling down on you. Organizing your messy kitchen cabinet can be tedious; for home cooks, it can be even more challenging with their extensive collection of cooking and baking appliances. However, regardless of how busy we can get with our daily schedules, it’s still crucial to allocate a specific time to sorting out your kitchen cabinet clutter. Here are some top kitchen cabinet organization tips and products for better storage. 

What To Do Before Buying Kitchen Organizers

Before you get carried away and immediately purchase an assortment of kitchen organizers, the first step you should do is declutter all the items in your kitchen cabinets. This will help you differentiate between what you need from what you don’t. With the unnecessary items, have a rubbish bag and a donation carton box on hand and separate them appropriately. Then, evaluate your kitchen layout to get a rough idea on how to assign your appliances. Once, you’ve done that, you can get to sorting and re-arranging things back into your cabinets. 

If you’re able to (because this is highly dependent on your kitchen layout), place your most-used cooking items nearer to your stovetop. This way, you can easily grab your tools and ingredients without wasting time. Store seasonal items higher on the shelf since you won’t need to reach for them as much, and keep the more reached-for items lower for better accessibility. Additionally, it’s always better to combine similar items together, as it’ll make finding things a whole lot easier. 

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips And Tricks For A Clutter-Free Kitchen

1. Invest In A Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan For Kitchen Cabinet Organization
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Rummaging through your shelves full of containers just to find your spices is a major hassle. A Lazy Susan is a rotating tray that makes your most-used ingredients readily accessible because all you have to do is spin the tray until you land on the item that you want to use. It’s one of the most helpful tools to have to prevent yourself from overcrowding your shelf since everything’s within arm’s reach. Plus, you won’t have random items hiding at the back, causing you to accidentally buy a second set of ingredients you didn’t need. 

2. Label Your Kitchen Inventory

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Labelling the food storage jars and cutlery drawers make your kitchen a lot more organised in a relatively inexpensive way. With labels, you’re also helping your kids become more independent as they’ll know where things are without having to ask you. They can search for their breakfast cereals or evening snacks by themselves; eventually, you won’t even have to prep their meals anymore and pass the responsibility onto them (just kidding). Plus, it’s a major time saver since you won’t need to inspect each jar or box for their contents. 

3. Use Clear Food Containers/Jars

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Clear food containers are another must-have kitchen organization tool for your cabinets. Along the same line as categorizing and labelling, these transparent storage boxes will enable you to clearly see what’s inside without having to open them to check. You’ll also know when supplies are running low and schedule for a trip to the grocery store to re-stock accordingly. Not to mention, there’s always something so aesthetically pleasing about them too, as they keep things neat and uniform in a minimalistic manner. 

4. Keep Tableware Stored Systematically With Shelf Inserts

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Rather than stacking plates, mugs, and other tableware on top of each other, these shelf inserts will act as a proper divider to prevent large, intimidating piles. They’re also a great way to add extra levels and increase shelf space. This allows you to sort various items together in one shelf without the risk of a jumbled mess. You’re also able to store away far more stuff now than you initially could with just your one lone shelf. It’s a practical kitchen cabinet organization tool to have when you’re almost all maxed out on storage space. 

5. Get A  Rack For Pots And Pans

pot and pan rack
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Regardless of how immaculate you can be with your kitchen cabinet organization, we know that stowing pots and pans are always the worst. They can be rather weighty, so it’s particularly tiresome to dig through each stack. It’s even more aggravating when you need to use the bottom-most ones. Besides that issue, there’s also their lids to think about as well, which just never stay in place. 

This adjustable rack will help you to finally bring some order to your cupboards. For the most effective storage space utility, keep the bulkier pots vertically and the slimmer pans and pot lids horizontally. Though, if you’re really pressed for space then maybe a wall-mounted pot rack will be more suitable for you. 

Tidy Up Your Kitchen Cabinet With The Right Organization Methods And Tools 

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One important thing to remember when it comes to kitchen cabinet organization is to take one step at a time. Start with just one small area first and tackle a different area on another day. Keep to this momentum till everything is all neatly put together. Also, If you’re interested in making your home life even more convenient, then check out our other article on practical smart home devices

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