Do You Know Your Internet Slang Words? From “Sus” To “Yeet”, We Explain What They Actually Mean

internet slang words 2021

Change is constant and the same applies to internet slang. While some terms tend to last longer than others, a new year often ushers in a fresh batch of lexicons. And with us spending more time at home during the pandemic and inadvertently consuming more digital content, it’s likely you’ve seen words that you’re unfamiliar with.

Here, we help you get on with the times by breaking down the words, abbreviations, and phrases you need to know in 2021. They may not all have been coined this year, but you’ll certainly see a lot of them online.

Get To Know The Meaning Of These Popular 2021 Internet Slang Words


Definition: Sus became the go-to internet slang term in recent months, thanks to the popularity of mobile game Among Us. Short for “suspicious” or “suspect”, it’s often used to flag a situation or a person, hinting that they’re not trustworthy and some sort of drama will follow suit. 

Example: “That person is sus. I don’t trust a single word he says.”



Definition: This internet slang term first took shape as a dance move that went viral on Vine in 2014. It was loosely used as a verb to describe said dance move, which involves slightly bending the knees while swiftly moving your arms from left to right, sort of like a “dab”. 

Since then, the term has evolved to become an exclamation, although it still can be used as a verb for discarding something at high velocity. 

Example: “I got a promotion today, ya yeet!” or “He grabbed her smartphone and yeeted it into the bin.” 


michael jordan, internet slang
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Definition: If someone is a GOAT, that implies they’re the best at what they do. GOAT is an acronym for the title “Greatest of All Time”.

Example: “Michael Jordan is widely considered the GOAT in basketball.”


Definition: First seen on TikTok, simp, by definition, is used to describe someone who uses faux niceness and concern to coax the opposite sex to give them attention out of guilt or obligation. Basically, they try “too hard” and give to get, even if it means losing their dignity or values.

Example: “I don’t get why Tim is such a simp towards Jane. She actually dislikes him.”


Definition: “Fire” is the new “hot”. A versatile term, you can call something “fire” as long as it’s attractive, cool, and/or awesome.

Example: “Is that a new watch? That’s straight fire.”


dont be a karen, internet slang

Definition: “Karen” has been the go-to internet slang phrase to describe entitled women who seem to be personally offended by any solution and/or instruction given to them. Throughout 2020 and thus far in 2021 have seen many memes dedicated to “Karens” around the globe, largely for not complying with Covid-19 preventive measures.

Example: “She’s that Karen who refused to wear a mask in the grocery store.”

No Cap

Definition: Nothing to do with the headwear, “no cap” means “for real” or “no lie”. It’s usually said to emphasise something that’s hard to believe. 

Example: “He just bought a pair of sneakers for five thousand bucks. No cap.”


Definition: No, it’s not to take a swing at someone. This internet slang expression is used to express just how good something is.

Example: “This new song by Bruno Mars slaps. It’s so catchy!”


Definition: IYKYK is an acronym for “if you know you know” that ties in with an inside joke or something seemingly vague but has a deeper meaning to it.

Example: “Last weekend’s BBQ party was so fun. IYKYK.”

Go Off

Definition: This one can be used in one of two ways; to hype someone up or to angrily rant about a particular issue.

Example: “That’s the way, man! Go off, king!” or “You heard about the lecturer going off about our poor grades?”

Sleeping On

Definition: If you’re not paying attention to the significance of something or someone, you’re said to be sleeping on them, according to this internet slang term. This applies to anything from a new restaurant to a brand of snacks.

Example: “Don’t sleep on this new chocolate bar. It’s so good!” or “Don’t sleep on Dua Lipa’s new album. It’s pretty good!”

Hits Different

Definition: If you relate to something in a renewed way, that means it hits you different. For instance, you went to this new cafe for coffee and it’s so fragrant, unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Thus, the coffee there hits different.

Example: “Wow, the pastries hit different. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted croissants this good.”

That Ain’t It, Chief

internet slang

Definition: Saw something that made you cringe in embarrassment, like a friend who thinks it’s cool to pull a terrible prank on someone when it clearly isn’t? Then that ain’t it, chief. 

Example: “You need to stop being so mean to her because that ain’t it, chief.”

Stay Relatable And Relevant Online Now That You Know These Internet Slang Words

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Credit: John Schnobrich via Unsplash

The online world is already hard enough to navigate, what more with the ever-changing glossary of internet slang? So hopefully we’ve given you an adequate understanding through explanations and examples. 

While you’re at it, perhaps consider picking up a new language through these apps? Who knows, there could be a French equivalent to “simp”.

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