Taking The Bus To Singapore? Just Buy The Tickets Directly On The Shopee App, Settle!

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Due to its close proximity and easy access, Singapore is one of the top travel destinations for Malaysians for many reasons. Whether it is a short weekend getaway or a business trip, Malaysians have been and will continue to flock down south all year long. And with 2024 being a year which will see a series of blockbuster concerts from Coldplay and Taylor Swift taking place in the island nation, Singapore is expected to attract a bumper crowd—many of whom will be crossing over from Malaysia. If you’re planning to take a bus from Malaysia to Singapore anytime soon, here’s one app you should definitely make use of.

Bus Services From Malaysia To Singapore Are Aplenty

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Sure enough, there is no shortage of bus companies offering journeys from Malaysia to Singapore. It is, after all, among the busiest land crossings in the world! Those from Malaysia can also opt to fly or drive their own vehicle to the island, but travelling by bus is more often than not the most economical and fuss-free option for many people.

You can visit the websites of these bus companies or use the various mobile apps available to book your bus tickets. While frequent travellers would already have a preferred method, those who are new to taking the bus might find it a hassle to navigate the many options available.

What if we tell you there’s an easier way to engage a bus service without you having to trawl the Internet and, best of all, use an app that is most likely already installed on your phone?

Shopee App Lets You Book A Bus Ticket From Malaysia To Singapore

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Yes, you read that right! Shopee is more than just an app for your online shopping needs. It also offers a platform to purchase tickets to various public transportation services such as shuttle buses, KLIA Express, and even flights.

For bus services, Shopee, in collaboration with Easybook, connects you with various popular bus operators, including Plusliner, Transnasional, and Super Nice.

How To Book A Bus Ticket From Malaysia To Singapore On The Shopee App

1.   On the app home page, locate and tap on the Prepaid, Bills & Tickets icon (also found in the Me tab on the bottom right)

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2.   Scroll down to the Travel & Transportation section and tap on Bus & Shuttle

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3.   Select your pick-up point, departure date, and number of passengers.

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4.   Choose your preferred option on the results page, fill in your particulars, and proceed to select your seat(s).

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You can book bus tickets from Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Malacca, and Johor to Singapore (and vice versa). Once the booking process is complete, you can print out the order summary and exchange it for a physical ticket at the bus terminal’s counter. All tickets will be honoured by the bus operator.

Skip The Hassle And Save More On Your Bus Tickets Purchase

Save yourself the hassle of downloading (yet) another app or visiting dozens of websites when you can do it all on the Shopee app. From browsing the many options offered by the various bus operators all on one page to making your booking payment without leaving the app, you can enjoy the ultimate convenience when you get your bus tickets on Shopee.

But that’s not all! You can also redeem and use Shopee vouchers to lower the price of your bus ticket purchases. Plus, with the ability to utilise your Shopee Coins as well, you can enjoy even more substantial savings.

The Shopee App Is More Than Just A Platform To Shop Online

Besides securing a seat for your travels, you can do so much more on the Shopee app than just buying things online. Among the many conveniences offered are bill payment, mobile credit top-up, car insurance services, and even movie ticket booking. Give them a try and discover a new world of convenience!

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