You Can Buy Now Pay Later For In-Store Purchases With SPayLater By Shopee

SPayLater by Shopee beli sekarang bayar kemudian

The “buy now, pay later” trend has been on the rise in recent years as we embrace a cashless society and more platforms begin to offer payment-by-instalments for larger sections of consumers. No longer is it a privilege only afforded to credit card holders, as every consumer can sign up for such services with minimal requirements. In Malaysia, we have the likes of PayLater by Grab, Atome, and, of course, SPayLater by Shopee. Speaking of the latter, did you know that SPayLater is available for in-store purchases too? Read on to learn more!

Yes, You Can Purchase Items In Physical Stores Using SPayLater By Shopee

ShopeePay QR and DuitNow QR spaylater shopee
Credit: Shopee

In Malaysia, buy-now-pay-later is mostly associated with online purchases. But you can also use it to buy stuff when visiting physical stores with SPayLater by Shopee. All you need to do is to look out for and scan the ShopeePay QR or any DuitNow QR in participating stores via the QR scanner in the Shopee app and proceed to checkout by selecting SPayLater as your payment method. Alternatively, the merchant can scan your in-app ShopeePay QR code to initiate the payment process.

With over 1.6 million DuitNow QR merchants nationwide where ShopeePay is accepted, you can use SPayLater not only for purchasing electronic devices like smartphones and fashion items, but also pay for groceries and meals. Some of the participating merchants include:

  • Giant
  • Lotus’s
  • Puma
  • Subway
  • Sasa
  • Switch
  • vivo

Why Use SPayLater By Shopee For Offline Purchases?

a woman making a cashless payment in store
Credit: Seamoney

You may think that using a buy-now-pay-later service in Malaysia to purchase small, everyday items in stores is unnecessary, and you are not wrong (though with the escalating cost of living and price increases everywhere, even shopping for groceries can burn a huge hole in your wallet!). But SPayLater offers more than just the flexibility of breaking down big expenses into more affordable payments.

Besides being a more convenient and faster way to checkout, using SPayLater can be rewarding, too. You can enjoy exclusive cashback, discounts, and offers during promotional periods. Presently, users who spend RM40 and above for their in-store purchases will be rewarded with 300 Shopee Coins daily. Not just that, new users will enjoy RM5 cashback when they spend more than RM20 in their first transaction using SPayLater.

A Word On Responsible Spending With BNPL

Yes, the prospect of owning the things you have always wanted without emptying your bank account is very attractive. However, it can also be a potential pitfall if one is not careful with their spending. We know, it is all too tempting to get the latest gadgets or the trendiest fashion items when you don’t have to pay the full price tag right away, but don’t make the mistake of falling into the trap of unnecessary spending just because you can.

We should all practise responsible shopping at all times, and that involves spending within our budget limit and making informed decisions about our spending patterns. With buy-now-pay-later services, you should budget the total amount of the product and make sure you are able to fulfil the split payments in the following months. Identify and differentiate between your wants and needs. BNPL services like SPayLater by Shopee can help maintain your monthly cash flow if you are short of cash, but it is not a licence to spend impulsively!

We encourage you to spend some time reading and understanding SPayLater’s terms and conditions on processing fees and late payment fees to avoid incurring additional charges. Should you have further enquiries, you can submit an enquiry form to the Shopee customer service team or call them at +603-2777-9222.

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