Got A Korean Perm? Follow These Easy Tips To Maintain It

korean hair perm maintenance tips

So you’ve taken the plunge and got a Korean hair perm. The good news is that it doesn’t take as long to style your hair. The bad news is that, with that same convenience, comes a lot of headaches in learning how to maintain it. Well, don’t fret, because we’ve compiled these eight simple tips and tricks to ensure that your luscious wavy hair stays chic and curled. Continue reading to find out more below. 

How To Maintain Your Korean Hair Perm

Wash Your Hair After 48 Hours

wash hair after 48 hours
Credit: Luis Quintero on Unsplash and Ron Lach from Pexels

Shampooing your hair immediately after getting a perm can strip away the chemicals and make your brand new curls fall flat. The ingredients in your hair need time to be fully absorbed for your wavy locks to settle in. Resist the urge to wash your hair for about 48 hours minimum and avoid contact with chlorinated water. Yes, that means swimming is also totally out of the question, as chlorine can dry out your hair and prevent it from regaining its natural moisture. 

Use The Right Hair Products 

hair care products
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By getting a Korean hair perm, you now also have a different hair texture to deal with. That means whatever hair care products you used before will not work on your temporary wavy locks. Consult with your hairstylist for help so you know how to revise your shampoo and conditioner routine to keep your curls in place. Try to avoid cream-based formulas as they weigh down the hair and flatten its volume and curls. 

Shampoo Recommendation: Pantene Pro-V Colour & Perm Shampoo

Conditioner Recommendation: Grafen Cica Care Treatment 

Avoid Combing Your Hair Regularly 

don't comb hair with brush, maintaining korean perm hair
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It’s natural to use a comb to detangle your knots, but brushing out your Korean hair perm will only reduce it into a damaged mess. Not only are they too harsh, but combs can also loosen the curls, or worse, they could straighten your hair. Instead, gently run your fingers through your locks after shampooing to get rid of tangles and distribute the shampoo evenly.  

Dry Your Hair With A Microfibre Towel

microfibre towel, korean hair perm
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You can never go wrong with the air-drying method. There’s less risk of ruining your perm’s curls, and you get clean, dry hair without using any heat from the hairdryer. But if you want to speed up the process just a little, you can opt for a microfibre towel to dry your hair with. Your regular bath or cotton towel will not do, as their coarse texture can cause more frizziness and damage to your mane. Meanwhile, microfibre towels are a lot softer and gentler in comparison. And instead of rubbing, use the blot and squeeze technique to dry your hair. 

Trim Regularly 

trim regularly, korean hair perm
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Be ready to get regular trims because as your hair gets longer, it starts weighing down on your curls. The longer your locks grow, the heavier they get, and soon, your Korean hair perm will lose its shape and bounciness. Trimming your hair regularly ensures that your curls stay fresh and springy. 

Ditch The Heat-Styling Tools

curling hair
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There’s a reason why you got a Korean hair perm and that’s to have wavy hair. So it’s time to put the curling and flat irons back into the vanity drawer because there’s no need for them currently. Besides, applying any heat styling tool onto your permed hair will only break down the strands even further, leading to frizziness and split ends. However, if you still want to add extra definition to your curls, use hair rollers for a safe and heatless alternative. 

Use A Diffuser

diffuser, korean hair perm
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Don’t have time to let your mane naturally air dry? Then make sure to use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair. Diffuser attachments will spread the airflow evenly to prevent the heat from being too concentrated on one specific area. It reduces hair frizz and helps to maintain the integrity of your perm’s curls without damaging your hair with heat. Don’t forget to spray on a heat protectant spray for further protection. 

Don’t Touch Your Hair 

Park Jimin Mama GIF by BTS - Find & Share on GIPHY

Besides detangling, try not to touch your hair excessively. The accumulated dirt around your fingers can potentially clog up the hair’s pores, which will lead to oil build-ups and an itchy scalp. If you have a long fringe that’s always getting in your eyes, use a comfortable headband or a loose hairclip. This will push those stray strands away without ruining your curls. 

Complete Your Korean Hair Perm With A Style Transformation

korean hair perm maintenance tips
Credit: @bts_v and @sooyaaa_ via Instagram

Now that you know how to make your Korean hair perm last, it’s time to complete your K-Style aesthetic with a wardrobe upgrade. Fellas, you can channel your inner K-pop idol with these fashionable Korean outfits for men. Ladies, you can try these seven Korean makeup tricks along with these K-drama inspired outfits to be the main character of your own life.

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