These Best Travel Backpacks In Malaysia Will Have Your Back

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The year-end period is when many Malaysians will jet off to various destinations on the world map to fulfil their wanderlust. Some will be embarking on their long-planned holidays, while others will seek last-minute travel deals. Whichever camp you belong to, you’ll need a good and trusty travel backpack on top of your luggage bag to carry all your essentials as you zip from one place to another throughout the day. We have put together a list of the best travel backpack recommendations in Malaysia if you are looking for a good sack for your upcoming adventures.

9 Best Travel Backpack Recommendations In Malaysia To Buy

These backpacks offer the best travel functionality and conveniences. 

1.   Mark Ryden Large Capacity Backpack

Mark Ryden Large Capacity Backpack best travel backpack
Credit: MARK RYDEN Official Shop on Shopee

If you are the type who lugs around a lot of stuff when you go travelling, you’ll need something like this Mark Ryden backpack. It has multiple pockets at the front, sides, and back (including an RFID-blocking slot for cards) that give you quick access to your frequently used stuff. Inside, there’s a dedicated compartment to slip in a laptop up to 15.6-inch.

If you need even more space, you can expand the backpack by opening the expansion buckles. There’s also a USB charging port at the exterior to conveniently charge your electronic devices on the go (provided you connect it to a power bank stored inside the backpack).

2.   Hody Nagita Travel Backpack

Hody Nagita Travel Backpack best travel backpack
Credit: Hody Official Shop on Shopee

For the ladies who want a small, light, and chic backpack that can store plenty of things in an organised manner, consider the Hody Nagita travel backpack. Made with microfiber and synthetic leather material, this backpack is as light as it looks. And inside, you will find plenty of pockets and compartments to carry your little essentials like makeup accessories, sunscreen, and a book or two.

Available in a few different colours, the Nagita backpack is a great companion for female travellers who want to travel light and in style.

3.   American Tourister Accessories Packable Backpack

American Tourister Accessories Packable
Credit: American Tourister on Shopee

A “packable” backpack is great if you want extra storage on standby during your travels (or you do not wish to carry one into your flight). When in “packed“ mode, it is only as big as a pouch, so it takes up little space in your luggage. You can unfurl it to a full-sized backpack and carry it when you’re out and about. This packable backpack from American Tourister is super convenient for light travellers!

4.   MAH Young Tour Waterproof Travel Backpack

MAH Young Tour Waterproof Travel Backpack best travel backpack
Credit: MAH Malaysia Store on Shopee

This MAH backpack is a functional yet stylish backpack that has plenty of design features made for travellers in mind. The main compartment has a drawcord design that might be preferable for some instead of a zip mechanism, and it opens up to a large interior with meticulous sorting with pockets and sleeves for various purposes (with more pockets on the outside).

The waterproof fabric ensures your belongings are safe if you get caught up in the rain, while the three-layer shoulder straps include a high-density sponge layer for added comfort.

5.   Werocker Travel Easy Backpack

Werocker Travel Easy Backpack best travel backpack
Credit: Werocker on Shopee

If you are more comfortable travelling without dragging a luggage bag or a trolley case around, the Werocker Travel Easy backpack is one of the best travel backpack options in Malaysia for you. There is enough room for up to four pieces of shirt, four pairs of pants, a thin coat, toiletries, a 15-inch laptop, and even a space to store a pair of shoes.

Suitable for solo travellers on a short trip who want to be as mobile as possible. 

6.   Peak Design Travel Backpack

Peak Design Travel Backpack best travel backpack
Credit: Peak Design

If you don’t mind splurging to get one of the best travel backpacks in the Malaysia market, get one from the reputable brand Peak Design. Filled with thoughtful features that prioritise all-day comfort, manoeuvrability, and security, the travel backpack also boasts a smart storage system with adequate space for all the things you’re packing to your destination.

Available in 30L and 45L capacities. Also, you get a lifetime guarantee.

7.   Thule Subterra Travel Backpack

Thule Subterra Travel Backpack best travel backpack
Credit: Thule Official on Shopee

This modern travel backpack from Thule features a removable packing cube that organises your items like clothes neatly while optimising packing space. Reaching for content inside the bag is made easy not only with its wide rolltop opening with magnetic closure but also with a zippered side access panel.

And if you often travel with your laptop, you’ll be glad knowing that the backpack has a padded laptop sleeve with secure flap closure to protect your computer from bumps and knocks.

8.   Bobby Explore Backpack

Bobby Explore Backpack
Credit: XD Design

The Bobby Explore Backpack is one of the best travel options if you place the safety and security of your belongings above everything else. Its key features are several anti-theft measures that include hidden zippers, magnetic semi-lock zipper pulls, and an RFID safety pocket.

Other than that, it is also a functionally good backpack for travelling with organisational panels, an extensible front pocket as well as an extensible bottom pocket (for shoes or wet clothes) and a quick access top pocket for items like sunglasses.

9.   Giordano & W. Polo By Poly Pac Waterproof Trolley Backpack

Giordano & W. Polo By Poly Pac Waterproof Trolley Backpack
Credit: polypac.os on Shopee

Not everyone likes the idea of carrying a 2-in-1 trolley backpack, but for those who seek more flexibility in carrying their wares, such backpacks can come in very handy. With the option of carrying it on your back or pulling it alongside as you would a luggage bag (thanks to its trolley handle with a spring button and two durable wheels), this Giordano backpack gives you the best of both worlds to suit different situations. If you are concerned about the wheels dirtying your clothes while carrying it, worry not as the backpack comes included with a roller cover.

For storage, it has multiple compartments inside and out to fit all your travel essentials and accessories, including a padded laptop sleeve that can fit up to a 17-inch notebook.

Have No Baggage Worries With These Best Travel Backpack Options In Malaysia

a lady pulling a luggage bag
Credit: Tranmautritam via Pexels

Sure, you can use your daily backpack for travelling purposes, but some are ill-equipped or may not handle carrying all your essentials that well. Being exposed to the elements and rough treatments might also ruin your backpack, and you certainly do not want that to happen. With a dedicated travel backpack, you will be best equipped to travel with peace of mind, knowing that all your items are well-organised and well-protected, not to mention you can afford to travel with more comfort.

Besides travel backpack, check out these best luggage brands in Malaysia too for even more options!

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