Travelling Soon? These Best Luggage Brands In Malaysia Will Be The Perfect Companion 

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Sometimes what makes or breaks a holiday aren’t the poor weather conditions, flight delays or health ailments (though they’re all valid reasons to turn a smile upside down). Finding out your luggage bag has split open at the hands of brutal baggage handlers is also a surefire way to put a damper on your spirits. Not only will you now have to drag a broken bag to your hotel, hoping that the insides don’t spill out, but you’ll also have to fork out extras for a replacement. It’s troublesome and a predicament that no cheerful holiday-goer should ever experience. So to ensure your belongings stay in one place at all times from start to finish, here’s our list of the best luggage brands in Malaysia

How To Choose The Best Luggage For Your Travels 

A good suitcase can and should last for years, so it’s important to choose one that will serve you well, whether you’re jetting off to a faraway destination or road-tripping to your favourite local destination. Ideally, your luggage should be hardy enough to withstand drops but without becoming too heavy to manoeuvre. Here’s what to look out for when choosing a luggage bag

Size and weight: All of the best luggage brands in Malaysia offer options that pass the weight and size limitations for international travel. That said, it’s a good idea to opt for a bag that’s lightweight so there’s more room to pack more things. It’s also worth reminding that carry-on bags are permissible for cabin storage while their larger siblings can only be checked-in.

Material: There are two main types of luggage: hard and soft. While hard luggage bags offer better protection and sturdier shape, soft alternatives can be expanded to pack more items. Both don’t differ much in longevity as long as they’re well taken care of. 

Wheels: Get one with a spinner (four wheels) bottom if at all possible. It offers multi-directional flexibility, allowing you to drag or tilt it over all kinds of terrain. 

Security: You can buy a luggage lock but the best luggage brands in Malaysia have combination locks to prevent prying hands from sneaking into your bag. 

Handles: Suitcases with handles on the top and side are particularly practical. These extra handles, in addition to the towing handle, make lifting your suitcase on and off check-in scales, luggage racks, and baggage carousels a breeze.

Keep Your Belongings Safe And Sound With The Best Luggage Brands In Malaysia 

Baggage you’ll want to bring around, not leave behind. 

1.   Case Valker ABS Lightweight Luggage

best luggage brands malaysia case valker
Credit: Case Valker Official Store on Shopee

For anyone who appreciates the simplicity of hard-sided luggage as well as the comfort of a lightweight carry-on, the futuristic-looking Case Valker ABS is one of the best luggage bags that ticks all the right boxes. Constructed from reinforced Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material, it can withstand drops and hurls without losing shape. Case Valker builds its luggage with high-quality components, such as wheels that roll well on a variety of surfaces and a three-level handle made from sturdy alloy. 

Size: 20 – 25 inches

Shell type: Hard

Material: ABS

Other noteworthy features: Built-in organiser, combination locks

2.   Cosas United Blooms Series 

cosas united
Credit: Cosas United on Shopee

Available in a myriad of versatile solid colours, the Blooms Series by Cosas United is a great choice for the modern traveller. Measuring 28 inches, it’s roomy enough to meet your storage requirements but it still fits in most overhead bins and is perfect for a longer trip. And the fact that it’s also got TSA-approved locks, double zipping, 8 swivel spinner wheels, and a tough polycarbonate body adds to the value-for-money appeal. 

Size: 20 – 25 inches

Shell type: Hard

Material: Polycarbonate

Other noteworthy features: Built-in expandable organiser, combination locks 

3.   American Tourister Linex Spinner

best luggage brands malaysia american tourister
Credit: American Tourister on Shopee

American Tourister is a best-selling luggage brand in many parts of the world, Malaysia included. The Linex Spinner range is designed for easy stowing in mind, thanks to a cabin-friendly 25-inch 100% polypropylene body. The multi-angular rotation wheels glide smoothly even on elevated surfaces so you don’t have to worry about slowing down in case you need to rush for a flight. All in all, a great option from a great brand. 

Size: 20 – 25 inches 

Shell type: Hard

Material: Polypropylene

Other noteworthy features: TSA-approved combination locks, multi-pocket divider, packing straps 

4.   Giordano Stylish Hard Case Luggage

best luggage brands malaysia
Credit: polypac.os on Shopee

An apparel brand at its core, Giordano also makes luggage bags that match the fashion nature of its garments, like this hard case carry-on embellished with striking circular imprints. Internally, the Platinum Elite is well organized across its main and lid compartments. The bag also includes a three-digit combination lock, top and side handles for easy handling, and spinner wheels. 

Size: 20 – 24 inches

Shell type: Hard

Material: ABS

Other noteworthy features: Aluminum trolley bar, scratch-resistant surface

5.   URBANlite Ridge PP Hard Case

URBANlite Ridge best luggage brands malaysia
Credit: Universal Traveller

One of the best-selling luggage brands on Shopee Malaysia, the URBANlite Ridge is a fairly affordable option yet packed with features. It keeps your clothes and belongings organised with a fully lined interior with a buckled compression strap, a built-in divider, and multiple pockets. The addition of a zipper-released expansion system allows for an extra 20% packing capacity should you need the extra space.

Size: 20 – 28 inches

Shell type: Hard

Material: Polypropylene

Other noteworthy features: Telescopic trolley handle, 360° spinner wheels, side handles

6.   Hummer 8 Wheel Hard Case

best luggage brand hummer
Credit: Travel For All Official Store on Shopee

True to its name, the Hummer 8 Wheel is a workhorse, the bag has room for the essentials needed for a three- or four-day trip and it glides effortlessly even at its heaviest. Everything else is pretty much standard for a reliable carry-on, but it’s what you’d expect from a brand that also makes some of the sturdiest vehicles in the world. 

Size: 20 – 25 inches

Shell type: Hard

Material: ABS

Other noteworthy features: Spinner wheels, combination locks

7.   Flyasia Cross X ABS Hard Case

Flyasia Cross X ABS Hard Case best luggage brands malaysia
Credit: Travel For All Official Store on Shopee

This Flyasia hard-case luggage bag is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a simple, almost understated carry-on for your trips. Apart from the robust ABS material shielding the contents, there are tight straps to ensure your essentials stay in place during baggage handling and zippered dividers for storing smaller items.

Size: 20-25 inches

Shell type: Hard

Material: ABS

Other noteworthy features: Waterproof, combination lock, telescopic trolley handle, side handles

8.   Hush Puppies Soft Case TSA Luggage

Hush Puppies Soft Case TSA Luggage best luggage brands malaysia
Credit: The Travel Store Malaysia on Shopee

This Hush Puppies luggage bag prioritises security with a tamper-proof double coil zipper and TSA combination lock. Its expansion system adapts to varying travel needs for when you need to travel light or pack extras. Ultra-lightweight for ease, it comes with a three-year accessories warranty (for wheel, top/side handle, trolley, zipper hand, and lock) for added assurance.

Size: 20-25 inches

Shell type: Soft

Material: Soft case

Other noteworthy features: Dual wheels

9.   Echolac Forza PP Zipper Luggage


Echolac Forza PP Zipper Luggage best luggage brands malaysia
Credit: The Travel Store Malaysia on Shopee

Hailing from Japan, Echolac developed the world’s first ABS attaché case in 1965. This luggage bag packs all the features you’ve come to expect from a decent suitcase like an anti-theft zipper design, dual wheels system, and double coil zipper. With five years of accessories warranty on top of five years of body warranty, it will be a great travel investment for the long term.

Size: 20-25 inches

Shell type: Soft

Material: Polypropylene

Other noteworthy features: Waterproof, TSA lock, expandable system

Consider These Best Luggage Brands In Malaysia For Your Next Getaway 

Credit: ConvertKit via Unsplash

When you’re away from home, you’re literally living out of your luggage bag, which just shows how important it is to get a good one. And we hope you’ll find one that suits your lifestyle and travelling demands on this list! While you’re here and if you’re quite the travel bug, these credit cards in Malaysia will help you rake in airline miles and turn them into attractive rewards.  

Cover image courtesy of Kindel Media via Pexels.

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