12 Best Air Purifiers In Malaysia For Homes Of All Sizes

We know the importance of keeping our homes clean. Yet, we often neglect one part that’s beyond any surface area: the air. To filter out pollutants and allergens, you need an air purifier. But choosing the best air purifier for your home isn’t as clear cut as it should be. There are numerous factors to consider; size, efficiency, design, and price. In this article, we list down some of the best air purifiers in Malaysia, including the renowned Dyson Pure Cool range and Xiaomi’s smart air purifier, which deserves a place in your home. Say hello to clean air!

Improve The Air You Breath With The Best Air Purifiers In Malaysia

 Helps a lot during the haze season!

1.   Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde Air Purifier TP09

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde Air Purifier TP09 best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Official Dyson Store on Shopee

Many swear by Britain-born Dyson for making the best air purifier in the market. The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde Air Purifier TP09 is a trusted option, claiming that it can clear up to 99.95% of airborne pollutants, odours, and toxins. Unlike typical fans, it has no accessible blades, making it safe for children and pets. Cleaning is easy too; just wipe with a microfiber cloth and it will look as good as new. Besides, you can use the Dyson smartphone app (on iOS and Android) to get real-time information on the surrounding air and make any adjustments.

2.  Mi Air Purifier 3H

Mi Air Purifier 3H best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Xiaomi Official Store Global on Shopee

Xiaomi’s family of smart home devices is well-received for its affordability and functionality. The same attributes are found in the Mi Air Purifier 3H. Sporting a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that eliminates up to 99.97% of harmful air particles, it also boasts delivery of 6330 litres of clean air per minute. Other family-friendly features include a sleep mode for minimal noise and an OLED touchscreen display for accessibility. All in all, one of the best starter air purifiers in the Malaysian market today.

3.   Sharp FPJ30LB

Sharp FPJ30LB best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Electronics Mart by Shopee on Shopee

If you are searching for the best air purifier in Malaysia that’s also easy on the wallet, check out the Sharp FPJ30LB. Don’t let its compact body fool you. The machine is not only capable of removing mould, viruses, allergens, odours, and static electricity, but it also uses a unique airflow system to effectively capture allergens and particles. It covers up to 23m² (247 sq ft), making it the ideal choice for condos and terrace houses. 

4.   Samu Giken AP807

Samu Giken AP807 best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Samu Giken Official Store on Shopee

Using a multi-layered filtration system, the Samu Giken AP807 can eliminate 99% of haze, smoke, and unclean particles. It’s also one of the more lightweight models around, coming in at only 6kg. It covers a relatively large space as well, between 30m² (323 sq ft) and 50m² (538 sq ft). Just like the Dyson air purifier, it sports a minimalist finish and a slim body that won’t feel out of place at home. 

5.   Philips AC0820

Philips AC0820 best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Philips Official Estore on Shopee

Under Philips’ latest Series 800, the AC0820 is proof that size doesn’t always matter. Compact enough to sit on a nightstand, you get all the good stuff in a small package: a filtration system that weeds out 99.9% of viruses including H1N1, and 99.5% of toxic particles in a 49m² (527 sq ft) bedroom. And you can actually sleep with it because it’s “quiet as a whisper” according to Philips. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best air purifiers in Malaysia for stylish apartments where space is scarce. 

6.   Panasonic F-PXJ30A

Panasonic F-PXJ30A best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Electronics Mart by Shopee on Shopee

For small to medium-sized homes, get the Panasonic F-PXJ30A. It comes with three standard speeds and an intuitive sensor that removes hydrogen from odours and allergens. Because it promotes airflow circulation, you can place it anywhere and still experience peak performance. Unlike Xiaomi air purifiers where the controls are touch-sensitive, it uses a conventional button panel. 

7.   Corvan AP02 

Corvan AP02 best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Corvan Asia on Shopee

If you crave clean air on the go, check out the Corvan AP02. Its size is the equivalent of a flask and uses a USB port to power up, so you can plug it into your laptop while you work. Performance-wise, it uses a three-stage True HEPA filter for instant clean air in your surroundings. Separately, it weighs only 240g, lightweight enough for you to store in a backpack or tote bag without feeling the drag. 

8.   Trapo Motion-Sensor Car Air Purifier

Trapo Premium Motion-Sensor Car Air Purifier best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Trapo Malaysia Official Store on Shopee

Due to a closed environment, the air in your car gets stagnant quickly, allowing pollutants and allergens to linger. Prevent this from happening with this handy car air purifier from Trapo. Using a motion sensor, you’d power up the device with just a wave of the hand. The purifier removes up to 99.95% of pollutants, including formaldehyde and second-hand smoke. It’s also very sleek, which makes it a stylish accessory for your ride too!

9.   Samsung Smart Air Purifier AX60R5080WD/ME

Samsung Smart Air Purifier AX60R5080WD/ME best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Samsung

The honeycomb design of this Samsung air purifier serves more than an aesthetic purpose. It provides multi-layered protection against ultra-fine dust, bacteria, and harmful gases. And with a laser sensor, it can even detect particles and gaseous contaminants. When you are away for long periods and want to control the air purifier remotely, you can easily do so with a smartphone app. Combining this level of convenience with stellar performance, this is one of the best air purifiers in Malaysia that money can buy. 

10.   LG PuriCare 360º Air Purifier

LG PuriCare 360º Air Purifier best air purifiers malaysia
Credit: Senheng Official Store on Shopee

For a heftier price tag, you get to bring home a dominant machine in the form of LG’s PuriCare air purifier. It’s a big machine due to all the powerful fans and filters that it uses to sweep through huge rooms. There are five filters; each engineered to tackle harmful irritants, from smog to fine dust. Despite being a powerhouse, it’s relatively quiet at 51 decibels. Parents will be happy to know that it comes with a child lock, so your little ones can’t fool around with the controls. 

11.   Sterra Breeze

Sterra Breeze
Credit: Sterra on Shopee

Ranked Singapore’s best-selling air purifier, Sterra Breeze eliminates up to 99.7% of pollutants, covering viruses of all kinds, with its high-powered medical grade True HEPA-13. Ergonomically designed for optimum coverage, it can purify your home no matter how narrow or wide it is in under 8 minutes! And you won’t even hear a thing because it clocks in at 20db on the lowest setting.

12.   Clair B3S

Clair B3S
Credit: Clair Malaysia Official Store on Shopee

Sized like a water bottle, South Korea’s Clair B3S air purifier allows you to remove air impurities no matter where you are. Bring it along for a vacation or outdoors, the handheld purifier’s lightweight and compact body feels almost weightless in a bag. Charging is easy with a built-in USB cable; just plug it into a power bank, a socket or even your laptop to get it moving.

Give Your Lungs A Breather With These Best Air Purifiers In Malaysia 

a cosy room
Credit: Patrick Perkins via Unsplash

Among many things, the pandemic has taught us this: the air we breathe is so important. A timely wake-up call since the air is often the last thing we think about, just because it can’t be seen. But we now know better that pollutants and allergens surround us. While even the best air purifier in Malaysia can’t eliminate 100% of unwanted particles, it greatly helps to improve the overall air quality of an indoor environment. Whether it’s a Dyson Pure Cool or Xiaomi’s air purifier, investing in one while enjoying huge savings will benefit your household in the long run. 

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