11 Practical Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas In Malaysia For Your Favourite Cikgu

teacher's day gift ideas in malaysia

It has been our tradition to celebrate the most important people in our life every year. Aside from our parents, our teachers are the most influential adults during our growing up years. We are who we are today thanks in large parts to them. This Teacher’s Day, show your thanks and appreciation to these heroes and heroines by getting them a thoughtful little gift that will leave them smiling from ear to ear. In need of some ideas? We have picked out a few select items that we think make some of the best Teacher’s Day gifts in Malaysia.

When Is Teacher’s Day Celebrated In Malaysia?

Teacher’s Day is celebrated in Malaysia on May 16th annually. This is not to be confused with World Teacher’s Day which falls on October 5th.

11 Best Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas In Malaysia To Get For Your Favourite Teachers

More than just flowers and chocolate.

1.   Personalised Wooden Plaque

Personalised Wooden Plaque teacher's day gift malaysia
Credit: Gema Digital Studio on Shopee

We can all agree that personalised gifts make for the most memorable presents. Get these cute little wooden plaques that can feature a caricature of your recipient teacher plus a space for an appreciative/cheeky message. We’re sure it will find a special space on your teacher’s desk!

2.   Lunch Bag

Lunch bag teacher's day gift malaysia
Credit: KuLi Fashion Shop on Shopee

If you know that your teacher often brings lunch from home, a lunch bag surely makes for a good gift idea. Not just any plain lunch bag, but one that gives a playful nod to their profession.

3.   Insulated Food Jar

Insulated Food Jar teacher's day gift malaysia
Credit: Ezalo on Shopee

Besides a lunch bag, you could also opt for an insulated food jar for teachers who prepare lunch themselves or tapao from outside the school canteen (if they don’t have one already). They will surely appreciate having one to keep their food warm till lunchtime.

4.   A Good Quality Pen

LAMY pen teacher's day gift malaysia
Credit: LAMY Malaysia Official on Shopee

Besides teaching, a teacher’s job requires a lot of writing and marking papers. A good pen makes a world of difference in enhancing the writing experience. A high-quality pen is not cheap, but this ballpoint pen from Lamy strikes a good balance between quality and affordability.

5.   Smart Flask

Samu Giken smart flask teacher's day gift malaysia
Credit: Samu Giken Official Store on Shopee

Teaching is a highly verbal job, and getting sufficiently hydrated is important for teachers to perform at their best. This stainless steel smart flask from Samu Giken comes with a temperature display on top of a vacuum heat insulation layer to ensure your teacher gets to enjoy their morning coffee or beverage in the best condition. 

6.   Handheld Mini Fan

Handheld mini fan teacher's day gift in malaysia
Credit: Power Bank & Charger & Adapter on Shopee

Classrooms in Malaysia can get pretty uncomfortable in the afternoon when the sun is up at its highest. A handheld mini fan that is foldable and small enough to slip into a bag or a pocket will be a gift that your teacher will surely appreciate whenever they need a quick cool-down from all the walking and moving around.

7.   Hand Sanitiser/Hand Cream

Aleev hand sanitiser teacher's day gift malaysia
Credit: Aleev

Between holding chalks, marker pens, dusters, and books, a teacher’s hands are exposed to all sorts of unhygienic residues and germs. But that is something a hand sanitiser can quickly fix. Get one (or a pack of them) that is moisturising and offers fast-acting protection as well as a fast-drying formulation, like this Bio-D hand sanitiser that also comes with a snap clip that makes carrying it around a breeze. Alternatively, a hand cream works great too. 

8.   Lumbar Pillow

Lumbar pillow
Credit: Margot_store on Shopee

Teaching is no doubt a tiring job. Teachers are constantly on the move and have little rest in between teaching sessions. And when they get to catch a quick rest in the teacher’s room, the chairs provided by the school may not be the most ergonomic. We reckon a lumbar pillow will be a well-meaning gift that can improve your teacher’s quality of life at their workplace.

9.   Planner

Credit: @humairadesigns on Shopee

A teacher’s job is not just confined to teaching as they also do a lot of lesson planning before stepping into the classroom. You can help them improve their planning process by gifting them a planner made for teachers. With useful, organised, and aesthetically pleasing templates, your teacher will be able to plan more effectively (and even have a fun time doing it).

10.   A Sturdy Tote Bag

MUJI tote bag
Credit: MUJI Official Store on Shopee

A carrying bag is useful for all occasions, but more so for teachers who frequently need to lug their students’ exercise books to and from class. A spacious and durable tote bag like this Muji one would be an ideal pick.

11.   Scented Candle

Scented candles teacher's day gift malaysia
Credit: Bella Aroma on Shopee

With piles of books, stacks of papers, all kinds of stationery and whatnot, the teacher’s room can feel and smell stuffy. A scented candle will give the room space an instant lift that will calm the mind and boost the mood, something every teacher will surely appreciate in their hectic (and chaotic) work routine.     

No Sweat With Picking The Right Choice With These Best Teacher’s Day Gifts In Malaysia

a teddy bear plushie and a cupcake
Credit: Jason Goh via Pixabay

The essence of Teacher’s Day lies not just in the material gifts but in the acknowledgement of the profound impact teachers have on shaping minds and futures. Whether it’s a simple yet functional gift or a token of gratitude, the sentiment behind the gesture is what truly matters. To all the unsung heroes in Malaysia, Happy Teacher’s Day

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