Just Broke Up? Here Are 7 Ways To Get Over Your Ex For Good

So, your romantic relationship didn’t work out. It feels like the end of the world. Breaking up makes up one of the most painful stages we could possibly go through in our lives. The brokenhearted would have to deal with all sorts of awful emotions from the fallout such as anger, fear, self-doubt, and loneliness, among others. That said, the pain won’t last forever. If you are reading this article and looking for answers on how to get over a breakup, perhaps we can offer some form of help. Read on to find out how to forget your ex and start anew.

How To Get Over A Breakup

Cut Off All Communications With Your Ex

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The urge to contact your ex is the strongest right after a breakup. Don’t. Doing so will not lead to any good outcome in most cases. Worse, it could bring about even more heartache as more arguments and accusations could follow, further making matters worse. Before you ponder on ways on how to get over your breakup, you first need to learn how to let go. And that means no reconnecting with your ex by any means.

Get Off Social Media

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Social media is a minefield for the newly-singled. You are very likely to have the urge to “stalk” your ex on social media to see how he/she has been doing post-breakup (which can spiral into an unhealthy obsession). Even if you are not, chances are you might stumble upon photos and postings that remind you of your past relationship. All that could further wreak havoc on your already fragile emotions for no good reason. You do not want the awful feelings to linger on, so give your mind a much-needed break. So put your phone away and stay off Facebook and Instagram for a while. And when you are ready to get back on social media, consider blocking them for good.

Remove Any Reminders Of Your Ex

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Getting over your ex will not be easy at all if you are constantly reminded of the past. Hence, it would do you good to remove anything—physically and virtually—that will only serve to invoke old memories. All the gifts you received and all the photos you took together no longer serve a purpose. Keeping them around will only be a hindrance to your healing process. So do yourself (and your storage) a favour and “delete” your ex from your life. A fresh new start is only attainable when you leave all the baggage behind.

Reach Out For Support

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No doubt separation will leave a big void in your current life, and you’ll constantly be inundated by creeping loneliness. Know that you are never alone. Just like anything else, support from people close to you can be the most important help in overcoming hardship. Confide in your closest family member, reach out to your best buddy, or even reconnect with your old friends. Even the simple act of talking with a fellow human being can bring much-needed relief. Besides, some of them might even pass on some tried-and-tested tips on how to get over a breakup. Learning how to forget your ex is that much easier when you know you have a supporting army behind you.

Get Yourself Busy

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Post-breakup, you will likely find yourself with a lot more free time on your hands and a newfound “freedom”. This is the perfect time to get yourself involved in things that you fancy doing. Indulge in your favourite activities, or try something completely new! When the situation permits, venture outdoors or travel somewhere. Keeping yourself occupied is the best and quickest way to get over a bad patch. Not only will it get your mind off negative thoughts, but you might also get to learn a thing or two along the way.

Start Going On Dates Again

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Out with the old, in with the new. Just because you had a failed relationship doesn’t mean you can’t quickly get back into the dating game again. But first, give yourself the chance to meet new people. After all, you have nothing to lose! The thought of meeting a new romantic interest can reignite the excitement and hope in you, and as cliché as it sounds, you might meet someone who could turn out to be better than your ex. You never know until you try, and it is now easier than ever to start meeting people with the proliferation of dating apps.

Let Time Heal You

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Despite all the effort that you pour in working on how to get over your breakup, it will not happen overnight. Accept the fact that letting go of someone and subsequently moving on is an ongoing process. Time will eventually mend your broken heart. So, let time do its thing and don’t despair if you stumble at the start. Meanwhile, continue to keep yourself busy, get in touch with friends, participate in social activities, and do things that bring you joy, which will allow time to pass faster. Before you know it, the strong and raw feelings you had during the initial stages after a breakup would have faded considerably.

Knowing How To Get Over A Breakup Is Just The Beginning

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We might have suggested ways on how to get over your breakup, but it ultimately falls on your hands to act on them. The very first step in healing yourself is to accept the situation and stop being in denial. Only then will you have the resolve to get back up. The road ahead will be tough, but know that it is part of life’s struggles that many have gone through; it’s where you’ll also learn valuable lessons about forgiving and forgetting along the way. With the right support and mindset, working on how to forget your ex will be easier than you think.

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