Coldplay In KL: What To Expect From The Biggest Concert Of 2023

coldplay in a concert coldplay malaysia

Now that the dust over the Coldplay concert ticket fiasco in Malaysia has finally settled, all that is left for the 60,000-odd lucky ticket holders to do is count down the days till November. For those who know what they’re getting into, they will be relishing a concert of a lifetime. But if you are new to the scene (you have mostly heard “great“ things about Coldplay’s concerts through word of mouth), boy, get ready to be mind blown. There are reasons why this is the concert of the year.

5 Things To Know About Coldplay Music of the Spheres Concert In Malaysia

Viva la Vida!

1.   This Will Be Coldplay’s First-Ever Concert in Malaysia

a back shot of all Coldplay members coldplay concert malaysia
Credit: Coldplay via Facebook

Despite being in the music industry for 26 years, Chris Martin and co. have never set foot on Malaysian shores. The closest they have ever been is when they performed in Singapore multiple times in the last few years. Along with Kuala Lumpur, Coldplay will also be performing in Jakarta for the first time later this year.

2.   The Set List

coldplay performing in a concert coldplay malaysia
Credit: Coldplay via Facebook

The British rock band’s discography in the past two decades is jam-packed with ear-pleasing tunes, and local fans will be wondering whether they will get to witness their personal favourites performed live. Based on their previous concerts in the current world tour, here are the numbers you can expect from Coldplay in their Malaysia concert (with possible slight variations):

  • Higher Power
  • Adventure of a Lifetime
  • Paradise
  • Charlie Brown
  • The Scientist (with excerpts of Oceans)
  • Viva La Vida
  • Hymn for the Weekend
  • Let Somebody Go (with vocals from H.E.R)
  • Politik
  • In My Place
  • Yellow
  • Human Heart
  • People of the Pride
  • Clocks
  • Infinity Sign (with excerpts of Music of the Spheres and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall)
  • Something Just Like This (shortened)
  • Midnight
  • My Universe
  • A Sky Full Of Stars 
  • Sparks
  • Humankind
  • Fix You (with excerpts of Midnight)
  • Biutyful

3.   A Truly “Green” Concert

a concert view coldplay concert malaysia
Credit: Coldplay via Facebook

Besides their chart-topping hits, Coldplay is also known for their sustainability push. The band has pledged to make their Music of the Spheres concerts as sustainable and low-carbon as possible with several initiatives.

These range from installing solar panels around the stadium venue to putting in place kinetic floors that can convert fans’ dancing into energy to help power the show! There will also be electricity-generating pedal bikes that fans can get on and cycle to charge the show batteries.

The band’s commitment towards environmental causes has not gone unnoticed, with our Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim himself extending a warm welcome to them in a video message with a nod to their admirable effort!

You can read all about their sustainability commitment pledge here.

4.   What Is The “Ultimate Experience“ That Costs Over RM3,000?

Coldplay's Chris Martin making a hand gesture coldplay concert malaysia
Credit: Coldplay via Facebook

Ngl, many baulked at the “Ultimate Experience” zone with a whopping RM3,088 ticket price! With Coldplay’s Malaysia concert being a sold-out affair, yes, there are people who plonked down that much cash to have that ultimate experience.

But what is this so-called ultimate experience, really?

No, those deep-pocketed super fans will not be accorded a private dinner with Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will, but they do get a tour of the backstage and a photo op on the same stage the band members will be prancing and stomping later, among others!

Here is the full official goodies list:

  • One MYR1,288 seated ticket
  • Once-In-A-Lifetime Backstage tour
  • Unprecedented stage access for a photo opportunity by a professional photographer from where Coldplay will perform later
  • Dedicated entrance to the venue
  • Custom merch exclusively for Ultimate Experience VIP
  • Specially designed sustainable Coldplay Gift item
  • Access to dedicated merch counters

5.   Some Of The Best Live Concert Experiences

There are many adjectives to describe a Coldplay concert, but the one thing for sure is that it will give you a night that will live long in the memories. From Chris’ infectious energy and top showmanship to the explosion of light and colours, it will be a sight to behold as much as it is sweet, sweet music to the ear.

And speaking of music, getting to sing your heart out to tunes like Yellow and Fix You in unison with the voices of tens of thousands of people (and of course, Chris himself) is going to be a euphoric experience that is nothing short of magical. 

Will There Be A Second Show For The Coldplay Concert In Malaysia?

Coldplay's Chris Martin jumping in the air in a concert coldplay ooncert malaysia
Credit: Coldplay via Facebook

Understandably, many Malaysians have been clamouring (and even signing petitions) for an additional show since news got out that the band has added more dates to their tour elsewhere. Turns out, all hopes for the ticketless fans are not lost yet!

Last we heard, Coldplay’s Malaysia concert organiser Live Nation did not dismiss the possibility of them adding a second show! According to them, “discussions are currently ongoing”, so there might still be a second chance yet to fight it out for tickets, fingers-crossed.

But please, do not buy from ticket scalpers, no matter how desperate you are to attend. 

How To Get To The Coldplay Malaysia Concert Venue

National Stadium Bukit Jalil at night
Credit: Design And Architecture

Coldplay’s debut concert in Malaysia will be held at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil, which thankfully is easily accessible by public transport. Though the stadium grounds provide ample parking spaces, it is best to hop on a train there to avoid the expected traffic gridlocks on the road.

Klang Valley Integrated Transit Map
Credit: MyRapid

The train station to get off is the Bukit Jalil LRT Station (circled in red), which is along the Sri Petaling Line. The concert venue itself is a few minutes walk away from the station.

If you are coming from other train lines, the major interchange stations to transfer to the Sri Petaling Line are:

  • Bandar Tasik Selatan (coming from KTM Seremban Line & ERL KLIA Transit)
  • Chan Sow Lin (coming from MRT Putrajaya Line)
  • Hang Tuah (coming from KL Monorail)
  • Plaza Rakyat (coming from MRT Kajang Line via Merdeka station)
  • Masjid Jamek (coming from LRT Kelana Jaya Line)
  • Titiwangsa (coming from KL Monorail & MRT Putrajaya Line)
  • Sungai Besi (coming from MRT Putrajaya Line)

Alternatively, you can take a Grab ride or other e-hailing rides to the venue itself, but be forewarned—getting a ride back might be difficult as the demands are likely to be sky-high! 

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