9 Best Tyre Brands In Malaysia & How To Choose The Right One 

best tyre brands malaysia

Good tyres are the equivalents of reliable shoes. They should fit well and transport you to your destination with relative ease and comfort. Besides, tyres are the only things separating your vehicle from the ground, making them one of the most important aspects of any automobile. Depending on your driving needs, there are different types of wheels on the market, each catering to specific road conditions and driving habits. As a whole, shopping for tyres is akin to shopping for shoes—compatibility and cost are important factors to consider when choosing wheels from the best tyre brands in Malaysia

What To Consider When Buying New Tyres

Tyres aren’t one-size-fits-all items, even if they’re from the best tyre brands in Malaysia. Use these criteria to source the ones most suitable for your car. 

1. Tyre Width 

The first three digits on a tyre label denote its width in millimetres. For example, a 215/60R15/H tyre is 215mm in width. But how does the width influence your driving experience? It all comes down to grip: A wider tyre has more contact on the road, which is great for cruising on wet roads. By contrast, narrower tyres provide less grip but have lower noise levels. 

2. Tyre Profile

A tyre’s profile is seen on the label after the width measurement. Also referred to as model height, it shows the distance between the edge of the rim and the end of the tyre in percentage. Using the previous example, 60 is the tyre profile. Low-profile tyres are mostly used on high-performance cars because they give better cornering and braking performance. In comparison, high-profile tyres are stable and quiet for everyday driving. 

3. Tyre Size

Your feet need shoes that fit; the same applies to your car. Tyres that don’t fit well can cause unnecessary stress on the heel—or worse, come off en route—potentially causing life-threatening road accidents. Also on the label, the size is represented by the two digits succeeding the letter “R” like the example bolded here 215/60R15/H. 

4. Speed Rating

The maximum speed is represented by the letter at the end of the tyre label, like in the case of ‘H’ in example 215/60R15/H. In general, a higher speed rating means better grip and shorter braking distance, but also less durable treads. The speed chart is as follows:

  • Q – 160 km/h
  • S – 180 km/h
  • T – 190 km/h
  • U – 200 km/h
  • H – 210 km/h
  • V – 240 km/h
  • W – 270 km/h
  • Y – 300 km/h
  • (Y) – Above 300 km/h

Stay Safe On The Road With These Best Tyre Brands In Malaysia 

Tread carefully. 

1. Goodyear Assurance TripleMax 2 Tyre

best tyre brand malaysia goodyear
Credit: Goodyear Official Store on Shopee

With the unpredictable Malaysian weather, getting caught in a downpour is as certain as death and taxes. Prime for wet road conditions, Goodyear’s Assurance TripleMax 2 uses an asymmetric tread design for effective brake engagement and handling precision. Furthermore, the tyres have narrower shoulder grooves to absorb abrasive road edges for quieter drives. 

Suitable for: Sedans

Size: 185/60R15

Warranty: 5 years

2. Goodyear Assurance MaxGuard SUV

Credit: Goodyear Official Store on Shopee

Prep your SUV or pick-up truck for road hazards of every kind with the Assurance MaxGuard, a set of tyres with durable two-ply rubber sidewalls and a steel belt lining to prevent damaging cuts and punctures. Meanwhile, the treads have quick-release water and mud mechanisms for safe transits over moist surfaces.

Suitable for: SUVs, pick-ups

Size: 225/65R17

Warranty: 5 years

3. Continental UltraContact UC7

best tyre brand malaysia continental ultracontact
Credit: Continental Tyres Malaysia Official Store on Shopee

Widely regarded as one of the best tyre brands in Malaysia and around the world, German automotive giant Continental made the UltraContact UC7 to withstand the harsh elements of city driving, A reliable set of tyres for daily use, the UC7 is carved with deep treads for the perfect balance between comfort, noise reduction, and grip resistance.

Suitable for: Sedans, hatchbacks

Size: Various

Warranty: 5 years

4. Continental Max Contact MC6

Credit:  Continental Tyres Malaysia Official Store on Shopee

If the aforementioned UltraContact UC7 is a daily driver, the Max Contact MC6 is its “cooler” sibling. Fitted with split grooves to improve cornering and braking, these hardwearing tyres look just as good as they perform. The unique groove markers give them a sporty look that will elevate your car’s overall appearance. And like all Continental tyres, the MC6 is guaranteed to last. 

Suitable for: Sedans, hatchbacks

Size: Various

Warranty: 5 years

5. Pirelli Cinturato Rosso

pirelli tyre malaysia
Credit: PIRELLI Official Store on Shopee

Hailing from Pirelli’s highly-acclaimed Cinturato range of tyres, the Rosso has the hallmarks of a dependable all-around tyre for clocking in mileage, whether that’s city cruising or long-distance road trips. Apart from the solid rubberized construction for longevity, the deep groove patterns ensure optimum control at all speed brackets. 

Suitable for: Sedans, SUVs

Size: 195/65R15

Warranty: 5 years

6. Michelin Pilot Sport 5

best tyre brand malaysia michelin sport
Credit: Performance Tyre Malaysia PTM on Shopee

Michelin, whose Stars have become sought-after hallmarks of recognition by chefs far and wide, is ultimately a tyre brand. And one of its best offerings in Malaysia is the Pilot Sport 5, the fifth-generation tyres developed with longevity in mind. Besides providing kilometres to burn, they also ensure high levels of reactivity for precision steering, so you can conquer sharp turns with confidence. On the outside, sleek matte black completes the package. 

Suitable for: Sedans, SUVs, 

Size: Various

Warranty: 6 years

7. Michelin XM2+

Credit: One Stop Tyre Centre on Shopee

Wet roads have no chance against the weather-ready XM2+ tyres. Using full silica tread compound for consistent grip throughout the life of the tyre, Michelin made these to safely traverse unfavourable driving conditions. In fact, the one-of-a-kind tread is made up of filler compounds that allow the tyres to quickly overcome obstacles and avoid hazards when driving off-road. 

Suitable for: Sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks

Size: Various

Warranty: 6 years

8. Yokohama BluEarth-Es 32

best tyre brand malaysia yokohama
Credit: WPT NIPPON # Tomica # Car Tyre on Shopee

Perfect for the average Malaysian driver, the BluEarth-Es ES32 provides a well-balanced package of the four core performance traits of any tyre: wet grip, wear resistance, durability, and fuel efficiency. On top of these attributes, the tyres are dead silent even at high-speed thanks to a five-pitch variation. 

Suitable for: Sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks

Size: Various

Warranty: 5 years

9. Hankook Kinergy Eco2

hankook tyre malaysia
Credit: Fresh Tyres on Shopee

If you have budget constraints, look no further than Hankook, one of the best affordable tyre brands in Malaysia. At under RM200, the Kinergy Eco2 is wallet-friendly but still retains the features of world-class tyres. For example, there are wide lateral shoulder grooves for excellent handling and cut-out sections for rapid water evacuation. 

Suitable for: Sedans

Size: 175/65R14

Warranty: 4 years

Give Your Ride New “Shoes” With The Best Tyre Brands In Malaysia

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Together with batteries and engine oils, tyres are essential components to create a functioning vehicle. As such, don’t delay a change if you know your car is long overdue for new tyres. Once you’ve got the necessities out of the way, embellish your ride with these essential accessories and Android players for on-the-go convenience and entertainment. 

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