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A Keto & Low Carb Specialty Store - Making Keto Easy & Sustainable! Yummy Keto products are developed by our founder Charine Kuan who is a Certified Keto LCHF Nutrition Advisor. A truly Malaysian brand specially crafted to be sugar free, gluten free and keto compliant with natural ingredients. For keto lifestyle inspiration, visit website: FB/IG/Youtube: Yummy Keto by Charine 生酮和低碳水化合物专卖店的产品是无糖,无麸质和天然成分符合生酮饮食标准。 所有美味生酮产品都是由我们的创始人Charine Kuan特制。Charine是生酮低碳高脂营养认证顾问。see more
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