Yong Mama Prawn Muruku 蓉妈妈鲜虾条

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【看得见的真材实料】喜欢零食又担心食品安全?蓉妈妈鲜虾条放心买!天然无添加,纯手工制作,大人小孩都能安心吃。蓉妈妈鲜虾条的成分天然简单,只用鲜虾肉,鸡蛋,沾米粉,芝麻还有厨房调味品,如:辣椒粉等制造而成。虾味浓郁,香脆可口,好吃不腻,现在就买来试试吧! Made from natural ingredients that you can see and taste! Yong Mama began with one simple goal and that is to produce a healthy, tasty local snack for our family and friends. We uses only natural and simple ingredients in Yong Mama prawn muruku.see more
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