Schmaco Perodua Kembara Toyota Avanza Rush F700 Front Absorber Mounting
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Schmaco Front Absorber Mounting #Use for car models *Toyota* • Avanza 1.3/1.5 ~ 2004 - 2015y • Rush F700 ~ 2006 - 2010Y *Perodua* • Kembara /Dvvt The suspension helps to insulate you from vibrations and sound and strut mounts play a big role in that. However, strut mounts typically don’t last forever. Fortunately, symptoms of a bad strut mount make it easy to diagnose in most cases. Struts are simple parts that keep the suspension attached and in the right position. One end is bolted into the body of the car, and the other is attached to the strut assembly. The mount is an essential part of your suspension system. The strut mount, or strut plate, is what keeps the suspension firmly in place. Some mounts also have a strut bearing or plate that makes it possible to pivot the steering. If this crucial component is damaged, the suspension can’t do its job as well as it should. Signs You Need to Replace Strut Mount: ☠ A Noisy Strut Mount ☠ Not So Good Vibrations ☠ Steering Issues ☠ Tire Alignment Issues ☠ Tire Wear ☠ Excessive Movement ☠ Rubber in Poor Condition ☠ Corrosion *** Kindly Contact us via chat IF doubt of the model COMPATIBILITY BEFORE ORDER *** *** Product picture shown is for ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY, actual stock may difference to suit individual model *** REFUND, RETURN / EXCHANGE RULES: - 1) Any wrong model purchase, shipping cost is fully bare by buyer and not refundable. 2) Products are exchangeable only if the seal is not opened, packaging well-sealed completely. 3) IF Product been soiled / installed, exchange / return will be rejected.

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