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Latin Name:Glycyrrhiza uralensis/Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma English Name:Liquorice,licorice,radix glycyrrhizae. Malay Name:Akar manis cina. Family & Genus:Fabaceae(Leguminosae),Glycyrrhiza. Pharmacology:Anti-viral,anti-bacterial,having effect as adrenocortical hormone,anti-ulcer,hepatic-protective,pancreatic-secretion-promoting,anti-inflammatory,atitussive & phlegm-removing,anti-tumor,anti-mutation,detoxify,antioxidant. Properties:Sweet taste. Mild in nature. Benefits:Tonify epigastric & qi, clear heat & remove toxin,dissipate phlegm & relieve cough,relieve pain, harmonize the property of herbs. Indications: ·Fatigue & weakness ·Limbs spasm & pain ·Carbuncles & sore toxic ·Cough & excessive phlegm ·Epigastrium & abdomen pain ·Spleen & stomach deficiency ·Palpitation & shortness of breath ·Relieve toxicity & intense of medicine 学名:Glycyrrhiza uralensis/Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma 英文名:Liquorice,licorice,radix glycyrrhizae. 马来名:Akar manis cina. 别名:国老 科属:豆科,甘草属。 药理作用:抗病毒,抗菌,肾上腺皮质激素作用,抗溃疡,保肝,促进胰液分泌,抗炎,镇咳祛痰,抗肿瘤,抗突变,解毒,抗氧化。 性味:味甘;性平。 功效:补中益气,清热解毒,祛痰止咳,缓急止痛,调和诸药。 适用于: ·脾胃虚弱 ·倦怠乏力 ·咳嗽痰多 ·心悸气短 ·脘腹疼痛 ·痈肿疮毒 ·四肢挛急疼痛 ·缓解药物毒性与烈性 Nett weight:150g Information provided herewithin is intended for REFERENCE only.Please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional before using any product discussed within this website. 注:以上保健信息仅供参考,不能作为诊断医疗依据,任何健康问题应咨询专业医护人员,任何疾病治疗请遵医嘱。 #liquorice #licorice #radixglycyrrhizae #liquoricepowder #licoricepowder #licoriceroot #fatigue #tonify #spleen #甘草 #甘草粉 #补脾 #疲倦 #咳嗽 #排毒 #甘草泡水 #脾胃虚弱 #补中益气

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