READY STOCK DR.MIYU[ RERUN ]Natural Plant-based Beverage 30ml x20 Sachet
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Brand,Wellbeing Supplement Functions

RERUN (Formulated with Quantumedi-Tech) “Let's ReRun again” Main Functions: 🎈Promote Blood Circulation 🎈Improve Arthritis, Rheumatism & Gout Health 🎈Reduce Back Pain 🎈Relieves Coldness and Numbness of Hands & Feet 🎈Improve Prostate Health 🎈Reduce Migraine 🎈Improve Sensitive Skin 🎈Improve Sleeping Quality 3 days Effectiveness Proven Instruction: Consume after meals, twice a day. Special Concern: 1. Gravida, female during menstrual cycle are not encouraged to consume. 2. People who taking warfarin or people with severe illness should consult licensed physicians or pharmacists prior intake dietary supplement. 3. Keep out from children.

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