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Loreal Majirel / Cool Cover / Mix / Majicontrast / DIA / MAJIROUGE / MAJILIFT (50ML)
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Loreal Permanent Hair Dye Color (50ml) !! Attention !! Please chat with seller in order to confirm the color because some of the color out of stock. The consistency of this product promotes better binding of color to hair. The technology involved in the formulation of Loreal include the effective hair growth enhancing and color providing ingredients such as Incell Complex and Iogene G. Pure reflect colours to intensify, neutralise or personalise results for tailor-made colour. - Able to cover white hair. - Permanent hair color. - Can darken and lighten up to 3 levels. How to use : - Apply to the roots of dry, unwashed hair with a color brush. ( make sure your hair did not have any hair wax, cream or hair are too oily we advise to wash your hair first before application) - 1: 1.5 Ratio mix with ( Color Cream : Oxidant) - Apply to hair and wait for 30 to 45 minutes and rinse. - Wear suitable disposable gloves. - Apply generously to the roots to ensure excellent coverage of white hair. - During the development time, the color of the mixture will change, this is normal and has no effect on the final color result.

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