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Premium Quality ✅International Standard of R&D ✅Fully Retain Natural Extraction ✅No Additives ✅No Preservatives ✅No Artificial Colours ✅Fragrance-free 1box = 30ml x 15 packages ✅HALAL Certified ✅HACCP Certified ✅2,000,000 insurance product cover 适合人群 Specially Formulated For ✅肌肤暗黄 Dullness And Yellowish Skin ✅干燥松弛 Dry And Sagging Skin ✅皱纹细纹 Wrinkles And Fine Lines ✅消化不良 Poor Digestion ✅比同龄人显老 Those Who Look Older Than Their Actual Age ✅易疲劳、精神差 Get Tired Very Quickly And Lack Of Energy ✅新陈代谢缓慢 Slow Metabolism ✅免疫力弱、容易感冒Weakened Immune System And Constantly Catching Colds 💛6 Additional Functions √ Antioxidant √ Anti-inflammatory √ Anti-UV √ Firming & Moisturizing √ Promote Gastrointestinal Health √ Body Detoxification 💛7 Types Of Other Ingredients 1. 可溶性纤维 Soluble Fiber o 促进肠胃蠕动 Promote Gastrointestinal Motility o 改善便秘 Relieve Constipation o 排除体内毒素 Eliminate Toxins From Body o 降低血糖水平 Lower Blood Sugar Levels o 降低血清胆固醇 Lower Serum Cholesterol Levels 2. 芦荟提取物 Aloe Vera Extract o 滋润美白 Moisturizing And Whitening o 抗炎抗菌 Anti-inflammatory And Antibacterial o 增强免疫力 Boost Immunity o 促进血液循环 Promote Blood Circulation o 保持细胞活力 Maintain Cell Viability 3. 绿茶提取物 Green Tea Extract o 抗衰老 Anti-aging o 抗氧化 Antioxidant o 抗紫外线辐射 Anti-UV And Anti-radiation o 缓解疲劳 Relieve Fatigue o 促进消化 Improve Digestion o 利于减少腹部脂肪 Help To Reduce Belly Fat 4. 魔芋粉 Konjac Powder o “肠道清道夫”称号 Known As “Intestinal Scavenger” o 高纤维、低热量 High In Fiber, Low In Calorie o 饱腹感 Prolonged Satiety o 预防动脉硬化 Prevent Arteriosclerosis o 降低胆固醇 Reduce Cholesterol Levels o 提高免疫力 Strengthen Immune System 5. 维生素预混料 Vitamin Premix o 蕴含泛酸、烟酸、维生素B6、维生素B12、维生素B2 Contain Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2 o 抗疲劳 Anti-fatigue o 维持细胞正常生长 Maintain Normal Cell Growth And Development o 促进铁质吸收 Improve Iron Absorption o 改善贫血 Improve In Anemia o 促进细胞再生 Enhance Cell Regeneration 6. 维生素C Vitamin C o 抗氧化 Antioxidant o 提高免疫力 Boost The Immune System o 增强皮肤弹性 Restore Skin Elasticity o 降低胆固醇水平 Reduce Cholesterol Levels o 促进胶原蛋白合成 Promote Collagen Production 7. 低聚果糖 Fructo-Oligosaccharide o 是一种水溶性纤维 A Soluble Fiber o 增殖消化道益菌 Induce Proliferation Of Beneficial Microbes In The Gastrointestinal Tract o 降低血清胆固醇 Lower Serum Cholesterol Levels o 提升新陈代谢 Speed Up Metabolism o 清肠排毒 Detoxify And Bowel Cleanse o 增强免疫系统 Strengthen Immune System

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