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(Expiry: 6/2026) HIMALAYA Immunol VET Liquid 100ml (Cats, Dogs) (Anti-infective, Phagocytosis enhancer)
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100% Genuine Himalaya product [GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE IN SHOPEE] Enhances your pet's immunity and fights pathogens. Key Ingredients: 1. Tinospora Gulancha Guduchi rejuvenates the immune system and strengthens the body’s resistance against infections. 2. Winter Cherry Ashvagandha increases antibody titers in the body. It is a unique herb with antistress and adaptogenic properties that increase physiological endurance and protects against the effects of stress. Actions: 1. Immunostimulant: By improving antibody titers, Immunol increases your pet’s immunity to fight infections. 2. Phagocytic: The drug’s antimicrobial property is effective in eliminating pathogens in your pet’s body. Indications: - Pre and post-vaccination to improve immunity. - Immunosuppresion of multiple etiologies. - Cotherapy in recurrent dermal, ocular, and otic infections. - Follow-up therapy for antibiotics in bacterial infections. Dosage Recommendation: Cats: 1ml twice daily Dogs (small breeds): 1-2ml twice daily Dogs (large breeds): 2-3ml twice daily (Dosage can be altered according to breeds and/or the severity of the condition, or as directed by the veterinarian) Feel free to enquire if more information is needed. Thank you!

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