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9V 2A AC DC Adapter PSB-1U PSB-1 PSB-120 for Roland RPW-7 RRV-10 RS-5 RS-50 RS-9 RSD-10 RT-20 RV-2 RV-3 RV-5 Power Supply
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Brand: China OEM Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. Output Voltage: DC 9V Output Current: 2.0A/2000mA (Compatible 1.5A/1.0A/650mA/500mA) Voltage Accuracy: ±5% (no load) Power Polarity: inside negative (-). outside positive (+) Connector Size: DC 5.5mmx2.1mm Suitable Brand: Roland BOSS Suitable Model: PSB ACB ACF ACK ACI Series Cable Length: -Wall type about 2M ❤️PSB-1U Compatible Model: 💕Digital Piano Keyboard EP-70、EP-707、EP-7 II、EP-7MKII、EP-9、EP-90 F-1、F-100、F-100-BK、F-120、F-20、F-20-DW、F-30、F-30T、F-50、F-90 FP-2、FP-3、FP-4、FP-4-BK、FP-4-WH RD-300GX、RD-300NX、RD-300SX、RD-64 💕Electronic Drum Pads HD-1、HD-3、 HPD-10、HPD-20、 RMP-12 SPD-30、SPD-30 BK、SPD-SX、SPD-SX SE TD-11、TD-15、TD-17、TD-1DMK、TD-1K、TD-1KPX、TD-1KPX II、TD-1K-S、TD-1KV、TD-1KV-S、TD-25、TD-3、TD-4、TD-4KP、TD-4KP-S、TD-6、TD-6V、TD-8 、TD-9 TM-6 PR0、TMC-6 💕MIDI Keyboard A-300PRO、A-500PRO、A-800PRO、A-88 BK-3 E-09、E-09W、E-15、E-36 PC-80 PCR-300、PCR-500、PCR-800 VR-09、VR-730 💕Dynamic MIDI Pedal PK-25A、PK-6、PK-7、PK-7A、PK-9 💕Music Workstation AX-09、AX-09-BK、AX-EDGE-B、AX-EDGE-W、AX-SYNTH、AX-SYNTH(E)、AX-SYNTHBK FA-06、FA-06-SC、FA-07、FA-08、FA-101、FA-66 FANTOM-XA JUNO-D、JUNO-D(M)、JUNO-DI、JUNO-DI-WH、JUNO-DS61、JUNO-DS61W、JUNO-DS76、JUNO-DS88、JUNO-G、JUNO-G(J)、JUNO-G(M)、JUNO-GI、JUNO-STAGE JUPITER-50 RS-5、RS-50、RS-70、RS-9 SE-02、SH-01、SH-201 SYSTEM-8 Synthesizer 💕Atelier Organ AT-350C 💕V-Accordion Keyboard FR-1(WH)、FR-1B(WH)、FR-1X(BK、BKR、RD、RDR)、FR-1XB(BK、BKR、RD、RDR)、FR-2(WH)、FR-2B(WH) 💕Guitar Amplifier CUBE Street、CUBE-ST、CUBE-ST(E)、CUBE-STA、CUBE-ST-R、CUBE-ST-RA、CUBE-ST-RE KTN-MINI MCB-RX、MCB-RX(E) MCUBE-RX、MCUBE-RX(E)、MICRO CUBE BASS RX、MICRO CUBE RX MOBILE AC、MOBILE BA、MOBILE CUBE 💕BOSS Multi-Effects Guitar Processor GT-10、GT-100、GT-1000、GT-10B JS-10、JS-8 TU-1000 💕BOSS Pedal Board BCB-60 💕Roland Multi-Effects Guitar Synthesizer GR-1、GR-30、GR-55、GR-55-BK、GR-55-GK、GR-55S SP-404、SP-404SX、SP-555、SP-606 VG-99、VK-8M、VMC-1、VP-7 💕Hi-Speed USB Audio Capture SONIC CELL UA-100、UA-101、UA-1010、UA-101CW、UA-1610、UA-22、UA-5、UA-700、UA-S10 💕Serato DJ Controller DJ-505、DJ-808 💕Recorder and Mixer BR-532、BR-600、BR-8、BR-800、BR-864、BR-900、BR-900CD DR-01S R-26、R-4、R-44、R-44E、R-44-R、R-4PRO、R-70、R-88 SD-1、SD-2、SD-2U、SD-50 💕Edirol Video Converter LVS-400、P-10、P-10-R、V-02HD、V-1、V-4、V-4EX、V-8、VB-99、VC-1-DL、VC-1-HS、VC-1-SC、VC-1-SH、VC-30HD、VC-50HD 💕Audio Video Converter VR-3 💕Session Digital Mixer HS-5 M-100FX、M-10DX、M-10MX、M-16DX 💕CD Drive CD-01A、CD-2E、CD-2I、CD-2U 💕Channel Edit Controller VE-20 QD Floppy Emulator Gotek VS-100 Cakewalk V Studio VE-7000 QD Floppy Emulator Gotek 💕Sound Module CM-300、CM-500 💕Digital Sequencer & Sound Module MT-32、MT-200、MT-90S、MT-90U ⛔ GT-1 and GT-1B are not supported. Please purchase PSA-220S. ⛔ MICRO CUBE (M-CUBE) Please purchase PSA-220S. ⛔ MICRO CUBE GX (M-CUBE GX) please contact customer service. 💥 FP-4-BK and FP-4-WH support different power adapters depending on the production time. 💥 Please contact customer service. 💕Others 01-SUR-R、 AC-2、AC-3、AD-3、AD-8、AR-100、AR-200、CS-10、AR-100R、AR-200R

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