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安慕希 希腊酸奶 Anmuxi yogurt / Ambrosial Greek Yogurt
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✅口味 Flavour:

1)原味 205g Exp Date: 2023/09/04

2)原味高端 Exp Date: 2023/09/04


4)安慕希 5g

5)黄桃燕麦 Exp Date: 2023/08/10


7)芒果百香果味 Exp Date: 2023/08/04~08/09/2023

8)芝士波波球 Exp Date: 2023/07/05

9)草莓味 205g Exp Date: 2023/07/02~03/09/2023

10)草莓燕麦 Exp Date: 2023/07/07



13)香草味 205g Exp Date: 2023/08/10

14)高端橙肉&凤梨 Exp Date: 2023/08/01

15)蓝莓味 205g (出口版)

16)草莓味 205g (出口版)

17)清甜菠萝 205g Exp Date: 2023/09/09

18)AMX 丹东草莓酸奶 230g Exp Date: 2023/09/11

19)芒果燕麦 Exp Date: 2023/09/11

20)新疆哈密瓜酸奶 230g Exp Date: 2023/09/18

️ WEIGHT 重量: 125g, 205g, 230g

REMARK 备注:中国生产食品上印制的是制作日期。Food that import from China is printed with manufactured date instead of expiry date

国家 原产地:中国 CHINA

Note 注意: We pack and ship your order in cardboard box and wrapped with air bubble. Unless your order quantity or product is suitable for courier bag packaging. 通常我们会使用箱子包装您的订单,除非您的订单数量比较少或是产品包装适合快递袋。

Disclaimer 声明: Item is under perishable goods. We will ensure all item is well-wrapped before ship out. Any damages during transit would fall under buyers responsibility. 由于物品属于易腐物品。我们将确保所有物品在发货前都包装完好。运输过程中的任何损坏将由买方负责有多少人是因为跑男才开始认识安慕希的?

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