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Quantity: 2 packs (about 10pcs of seed) Species: Seeds Variety: MIni Bamboo Asparagus fern, also known as cloud pine, cloud bamboo, Latin name: Asparagus setaceus, climbing plants, up to several meters. The roots of asparagus are slightly fleshy, and their stems are soft and bushy, slender. The branches of the stem are very many, nearly smooth. Foliate, bristled, slightly triangular, basal like scales slightly spiny or absent. Flower white, have short stalks, flowering 9~10 months. The berries are purple and black when they are ripe, with 1~3 seeds. The fruit period is winter to the next spring. Native to South Africa, it is distributed in central, northwest, Yangtze and southern parts of China. Its sex is warm, humid and semi ventilated, and it is not cold resistant in winter. It is not resistant to drought. Asparagus is a highly ornamental plant, which can be placed in the living room and study room. It also purify the air and add to the smell of books.. We have both local and oversea warehouse. Location of item depending to local availability. If no stock item will be ship from overseas

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