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Cholesterol Test Strips & Uric Acid Test Strips & Blood Glucose Test Strips for 3 in1 Multi-Function Diabetes Drop Device & Lancets Glu-Blood Glucose UA-Uric acid Cho-Cholesterol - Multi Functional Monitoring System Chemistry Analyzer, Cholesterol Meter with Test Strip,Uric acid meter, cholesterol meter & blood glucose meter 3 in 1 test kit - The meter is a new generation of multifunction monitoring system which glucose, uric acid & total cholesterol. - With Auto-Strip Recognition function, the system will recognize the inserted strip while testing, it's new design more convenient to use, higher precision and faster reflection. - Advanced Electrochemical Biosensor Technology; Proven accuracy by serious research.The meter has TUV certified, CE mark, MDD & IVDD approved, you can use it safely. Four electrodes. High accuracy test strip. Siphon blood Product parameters and reference values 1. Test function: uric acid, cholesterol & blood glucose 2. Uric acid range: 60mmol/L ~ 1190mumol/L 3. Cholesterol range: 2.4mmol/L ~ 11.5mmol/L 4. Blood glucose range: 1.1mmol/L ~ 33.8mmol/L 5. Sample volume: about 1mul of blood glucose, about 3mul of uric acid, about 15mul of cholesterol 6. Sample type: capillary whole blood 7. Strip type: siphonal strip (capillary action) 8. Test time: uric acid 20 seconds, blood glucose 20 seconds, cholesterol 60 seconds 9. Memory capacity: 200 of the most recent blood glucose test results, 50 uric acid test results, 50 cholesterol test results 10. Operation humidity: < 80% 11. Operation temperature: 10℃ -35℃ (50℉ - 95℉) 12. Storage humidity: < 90% 13. Storage temperature: -20℃~55℃ (-4℉ - 131℉) 14. Power supply: AAA 1.5V x 2 (Not included) 17. Display: 2.5 inch LCD display( 35x45 mm) 18. Power On & Off: Automatically This meter has two units, mmol/L and mg/dL. You can set the unit you want in the meter according to your habits. If you are used to using mmol/L, you can set it to mmol/L. If you are used to using mg/dL, you can set it to mg/dL. Set Unit: The standard unit of UA is umol /L, GLU and CHOL is mmol/L. The anlyzer contains two display units and the unit of mg/dL can be set manually. Press "O" button for 2 seconds to turn on. The screen dispays "LoG". Press the ">" button., "dAtE" will be dispalyed. Press the "O" button continuously untill to the screen display the unit mmol/L, umol/L or mg/dL , represents the current display unit of the instrument. Press ">"button for 2 seconds, the display unit will be set, choose the unit and press "<” button twice, the analyzer will be exited directly and turned off automatically. Package List: 1️⃣Only Meter 1 x 3 IN1 meter 2️⃣Meter+Clucose 50 50 x Glucose test strips 50 x Lancets 3️⃣Meter+Uric acid 25 25 x Uric acid test paper 25 x Lancets 4️⃣Meter+Cholesterol 10 10 x Cholesterol Test Strip 10 x Lancets 4️⃣A SET 1 x 3 IN1 meter 50 x Glucose test strips 50 x Lancets 25 x Uric acid test paper 25 x Lancets 10 x Cholesterol Test Strip 10 x Lancets

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