Ahimsa Vegetarian HALAL Black Pepper Mushroom Snack 传统黑胡椒肉干 200G
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Mushroom Snack (J102) 传统黑胡椒肉干 Weight / 重量: 200g 100% VEGETARIAN Certification: HALAL, HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000 Serving Suggestion 食用方法:- Ready to Eat as a snack or with cold dishes, sandwiches, or burgers. 休闲零食,冷盘,三明治和汉堡。 Ingredients: - Textured Wheat Protein, Textured Soy Protein, Mushroom Fibre, Tapioca Starch, Modified Starch (Contain thickener as permitted food conditioner), Palm Oil, Sugar, Salt, Red Yeast, Vegetarian Seasoning (Contain flavoring as permitted food), Black Pepper 小麦纤维,大豆纤维,香菇纤维,木薯淀粉, 改良淀粉 ,棕油,盐,糖,红鞠,素调味料 , 黑胡椒 * This product may contain wheat and soy 产品含有小麦和豆类 Storage Instruction: - Store in cool and Dry Places. Keep Refrigerated after opening. 存放于阴凉干燥处。开封后冷藏。

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