Ahimsa Vegetarian HALAL Vegeplus Seasoning Powder–Plant Based Concentrated Soup Powder 200G 麦之素 浓缩高汤粉
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Ingredients : Salt, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, White Pepper Powder, Spice Powder, Vegetarian seasoning powder, Tricalcium Phosphate (Contain permitted flavour enhancer and anti-caking agent) 盐,水解大豆蛋白,水解玉米蛋白,胡椒,香料粉,素调味料 Cooking Suggestion 煮法:- Use 1 Part of powder with 80 parts of hot water or 100g powder with 8kg of hot water bring to the boil and serve as Vegetarian Concentrated Soup. 用1倍的素浓缩高汤粉加入80倍的热水或100克浓缩高汤粉对8公斤热水煮滚即成为素浓缩高汤。 以适量的素浓缩高汤粉加入煮食的食物即可增添菜肴的清香味。 Storage Instruction 保存方法:- Keep at Room Temperature 需置於室内温度27°C Plant-Based Concentrated Soup Powder 浓缩高汤粉 - Easy to Use & Time Saver: Get instant stock in 5 minutes and save hours of stock preparation  - Versatile Base: Ideal for soup, sauces or as a base for any dish for robust flavour and Umami enhancer. Stock that suits hot or cold applications - Economical: Concentrated,  1 pack can make up to 16 kg  of stock Certified by HALAL, HACCP, GMP - 100% VEGETARIAN 纯素: - Cholesterol, Milk and Egg FREE 不含胆固醇,蛋,奶, No onion or garlic 無五辛 - Resealable pack easy for storage up to 2 years (Expiry date is as it is direct from factory) - Healthy with No Preservative Added健康, 不含防腐剂

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