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SG908 GPS Drone with 4K HD EIS Camera 3-Axis Gimbal WiFi FPV Profesional Dron Foldable Quadcopter
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SG908 GPS Drone 4K HD 3-Axis Gimbal EIS Camera WiFi FPV Foldable Quadcopter Drones Distance 1.2km VS SG906 PRO 2 MAX 💪Better Quality 💪 Better Service 💪From Cloudship Item Name: ZLRC SG908 Features about SG908 💪 Function - 5G Wifi FPV, 3-Axis stabilized gimbal, the ultra HD 4K aerial camera, MV special effect, speed switch, GPS return home, GPS positioning, optical flow positioning, waypoint flight, point of interest, auto follow, gesture photo, etc. 💪 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal & High-definition - The 3-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal brings more effective anti-shake effect, easily filters out the image vibration caused by the outside, and at the same time guarantees the image quality. What's more, equipped with SONY IMX179 Camera, 1/3.2 inch, high-definition aerial lens, easy to capture the scenery of the journey. 💪 5G WiFi & Real-Time Transmission - Advanced signal transmission technology allows the image transmission distance to be as high as 800 meters, and the remote control distance is as high as 1200 meters so that the flight is no longer limited! 5G signal real-time high definition image transmission is stable. The transmission process is not delayed and the viewing effect is better. 💪 GPS & Optical Flow Automatic Switching - Equipped with a variety of return to-home functions under the circumstance. It automatically records the starting position before taking off. And it has 2 automatic identification of fixed altitude modes, which will fix the height according to the indoor or outdoor situation. 💪 Gesture Photo & Personalized Photography - Easy to take a photo or shoot a video just with the hand gesture. Add the photo filter and music to your video to make your own MV in the app.

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