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【Line Friends】2 in 1 Sandwich/Waffle Machine Co-brand Joyoung Multi-functional Breakfast Light Food Maker
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✨✨BIG SALE✨✨ Any purchase of Line Friends and Joyong appliances co-branded products and the consumption amount exceeds 220 MYR, each ID account can get 1 Line Friends keychain (the style is shipped randomly) 🙌 Want to treat yourself with food ❤You can change 2 baking trays at will! ! **This sandwich maker is a joint product of Line Friends with Joyoung Electric 📣The product is divided into 3 versions: 1**Line Friends & No timing function——Special sandwich bakeware, with Line Friends cartoon avatar 2**Line Friends & Have timing function——Ordinary sandwich bakeware, without Line Friends cartoon avatar 3**Joyoung regular version——Ordinary sandwich bakeware ⭕Product features —— A sandwich machine with multiple uses offers you unlimited possibilities! ! 1. Multifunctional pattern production with two sets of baking trays (waffles/bread) 2. The IP appearance, handbag design, more in line with young people's aesthetics 3. Heated evenly on both sides, self-controlled temperature, no button operation, make food more delicious 4. One-piece disassembly and replacement, easy to operate 5. Yunbo fast heat, ready to bake in 3 minutes 6. The winding design is well stored, and the non-slip foot pads are placed more smoothly 💠Before the first use💠 1. Remove all labels and wipe the product body with a damp cloth 2. Press the roasting pan delivery button on the product (one for the upper roasting pan and one for the lower roasting pan), and then hold the handle of the roasting pan to take out the roasting pan 3. Remove the baking tray from the product 4. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean each bakeware in hot soapy water, or put it in the dishwasher to clean the bakeware 5. Dry the baking tray and put it back into the product 6. The product may have some smoke when it is used for the first time, which is normal 7. Part of the power cord can be wound around the bracket at the bottom of the product to adjust the length of the power cord 💮Making toast sandwiches💮 1. Insert two sandwich pans into the body correctly 2. Lightly coat the baking sheet with a little butter or oil 3. Turn the temperature adjustment knob to the setting to bake the sandwich 4. Prepare ingredients for baking sandwiches 5. Put the two-sided bread into the lower baking tray, the buttered side is down, put the filling on the bread, and then put the other two slices of bread on top, the buttered side up. 6. Close the product 7.4-6 minutes after opening the product 8. Take out the sandwich 9. Please unplug the power plug after use ⭕Product parameters: Name: Joyoung sandwich maker Model: SK-T1/JK1312-K72 Function: heating, grilling, baking, omelette, thawing, timing(JK1312-K72) Rated voltage/frequency: 220 V~50Hz Rated power: 600 (W) Product size: 150*145*280mm Heating method: double chassis heating Control method: mechanical Method of use: semi-automatic Color: yellow, brown 💟Packing list: 1*main machine 1*waffle pan 1*sandwich pan 1*Instruction 1*conversion plug

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