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READY STOCK 【Specifications】 - Power: 48W - Voltage: 12V /220V (suitable to be used in car) - Cooling Temperature: 22 Celsius - 25 Celsius - Warming Temperature: up to 65 Celcius - Weight: 3kg - Size: 19.5cm x 26cm x 28cm - Storage Space: 8L 14.5cm x 15.5cm x 24cm Plug: Malaysia 3 pin plug / UK plug + Car Plug (total 2 type plug will provide) Warranty: 1 month. (For claim - Don't remove the sticker from the mirror only will be accepted) 【Makeup Mirror Skin Care Fridge】The mini fridge unique mirror design can be used for a makeup mirror in bedrooms, dormitories, offices and dressing rooms, very fashionable and convenient. Delicate makeup that will illuminate the details of your face perfect. 【Cold & Warm 8L Fridge】You can switch between cooling and Heating according to your needs. Minimum cooling temperature: 22°C-25°C ambient temperature. Maximum heating temperature: 65°C. Our fridge are great for skincare and cosmetics - and are big enough. Can extend the shelf life of all your skincare by 40%. 【Multiple Functions】: This multifunctional mini fridge features cooling and heating functions. Not only can be used for refrigerating beverages, fruits, food, medicines, skincare and other essentials, but also can be used for store hot drinks, warm milk, breast milk, lunch and so on. 【Silent / Energy-saving Design】There is no compressor-type start-up noise or vibration noise, and efficient cooling is achieved, resulting in quiet and stable operation. The portable refrigerator is only 28 dB. This is a very soft voice, but for light sleep, do not put it in the bedroom to avoid disturbing your rest. 【AC/DC Adapter】Includes plugs for both standard home outlets and 12V car chargers. NOTE: Make sure to only run your cooler/heater while your vehicle’s engine is on or you risk draining your vehicle’s battery. Packaging Included: - 1 x Mini Refrigerator - Malaysia 3 pin plug / UK plug + Car Plug (total 2 type plug will provide)

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