Hydroponic system set --- Ubat mencegah Jentik-jentik Nyamuk (Abate 1.1G)
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BASF ABATE / Ubat jentik jentik 1.1G 10 g  x 1 per pack Efficient in mosquito larvae control Long lasting effect Easy to use Easy storage Active Ingredient : Temephos 1.0% w/w Formulation : GR (Granule) Effective to kill Larvae for: Mosquito Anopheles, Aedes, Culex Quinquefasciatus Use for area: Water Tank, Flower pot and water area etc Water Mixed Ratio: 10 gram of Abate 1.1G : 90L Water Sprinkle Abate 1.1G to the place that mosquitoes breed and stagnant water areas. Repeat to use within 2-3 months when necessary. Abate Works Fast And Last Long Abate® 1. 1G in water retains its efficacy for at least 2 months if water is not replenished or replaced. It is an economical and efficient way to keep your environment Aedes-free. In addition, because Abate is a different chemistry from pyrethroid (insecticide) sprays targeting mature mosquitoes, it works to greatly reduce the chances of resistance compromising your overall mosquito-control effort and helps you quickly get mosquito population under control.   Application: 2 grams or 1 teaspoon per 18 liters of water   Applicable to: Portable water containers Non-consumable water tank Vase Flower pots Base plates Roof gutter

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