Amperes QPSERIES QP2250, PA Amplifier 250watt with AFS
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QP Series are available from 125W to 500W 100V line in 2 hu height, with enhanced circuitry for higher efficiency, better frequency response and with extra protection features. It is digitally controlled and thus enable the unit to be monitored and controlled remotely via RS485. They can be linked to PMX II LAN software for remote setting and monitoring, enabling control flexibility for the user. Another distinctive feature is its Auto Fault Sensor ( AFS ) circuitry which auto detects faulty output of the unit and would enable a dry contact to initiate an alarm for fault. The internal Fault Standby Changeover relay would allow a faulty unit to be taken over by a standby amplifier if one of the duty amplifiers failed. A feature that reduces the equipment count in the system as well as reducing cabling complexity.

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