Standard Automatic Charcoal Grill Chicken And Duck Grill Machine (100% Stainless Steel Skewers, Comes With Machine)
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Mini MEAT GRILLING MACHINE at home helps reduce a lot of effort and time in cooking. The machine uses an automatic motor, so it is very convenient, both used as a grilled charcoal grill, pan, fish and shrimp... and used as a chicken and duck oven. Just roasting meat and still roasting chicken, roasting a variety of foods 1. Machine features - - Mini GRILLING MACHINE includes 5 single skewers and 1 chicken skewer so you will grill 5 meat skewers, grill chicken, get 1 - - 2li thick steel toaster - Very sturdy box steel legs - - 2li thick stainless steel toaster, legs are also made of stainless steel box - 100% stainless steel, has a scratch-resistant and very aesthetic ball, looks better than shops without balls - - 1.8li thick charcoal tray, good heat resistance, high durability, portable charcoal tray that can be pulled in and out - Gears are convenient and will be stronger and more beautiful, it takes more effort than shops that only use screws - - The motor oven rotates automatically, so just plug it in and the machine runs - - Convenient * The skewer is like a multi-function grill, a high-class oven with the following uses - - Used as a toaster, fish, meat, shrimp, crab... - - Used as a chicken and duck oven, mini roast oven at home very quickly, convenient, saving coal and delicious - - Cooking time will be faster - - Meat, chicken and duck are cooked evenly, do not burn, do not smoke - Electric MOTOR, so you won't waste time looking, turning, while the camera can still do many other things, so it's very leisurely and saves effort and time. Time - - Compact MINI KITCHEN design so it is easy to clean and clean - - The charcoal tray is portable, so it is easy to remove coal fans or remove coal ash - Cheap CHICKEN GRILLING MACHINE for family use - - In addition, you can also use it as a picnic oven, travel oven contributes to beautifying your life. -User Manual Step 1: Put the food to be baked into the skewers Step 2: Fan to red charcoal. Step 3: Put it on the device and plug it in and it's ok - Size: Length 40, width 35, height 32 to 33 5 CLASSIFICATIONS - - Meat grill: small motor. - only includes 5 single skewers - Meat and chicken toaster - 2kg: 6.5w motor, chicken roasting about 2.3kg or less - - 3kg meat and chicken toaster: 14w motor, healthier, bigger chicken roasting, 3.5kg or less - Stainless steel 3kg chicken camcorder: 14w motor, healthier, bigger chicken roasting, 3.5kg or less *Please Note: when roasting chicken, ducks need to be balanced at 3 distances, if not weighed, it is difficult to rotate * To limit warping of the charcoal tray, you should spread the coal evenly into the tray so that when it is hot, it expands evenly ✅Product INFORMATION - - Quality, features: New

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