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本店提供一站式婚嫁服务: 结婚择日、过大礼、回礼、安床、上头、嫁妆、结婚礼品、结婚装饰用品、开张剪彩绣球、新家入伙门彩、专业大妗姐、绑花车、出租婚车等等。。。欢迎到实体店来购买: Easy Wedding Shop 19-M, Jalan Manis 7, Taman Segar, 56100 Kuala Lumpur. (Kaki Bola XO 炸鱼头米粉隔两间楼上) 每天除了星期三,早上10点到傍晚7点 Our Service: Date Selection, Betrothal Gift, Return Betrothal Gift, Bed Setting, Dowry, Chinese Wedding Accessories, Cutting Ceremony for Opening, Red Cloth with Red Flower Ball (Xiu Qiu), Bride's Chaperone/ Dai Kam Jie/ 大妗, car decoration, car rental and more:Our shop located at: see more
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